Day: June 8, 2020

Mon. June 8, 2020 – another week starting

Hot, humid, chance of storming…

Yesterday it was hot and fairly humid all day, although water in the driveway did dry and the Portacool evaporative cooler worked, so it couldn’t have been as humid as it felt.  I’ve seen days in a row where puddles didn’t dry because it was so humid.

I did get some work done in the driveway in late afternoon.  I moved a pallet of stuff onto shelves.  It makes a taller stack, but decreases the foot print.  I was alternating with stuff that had me indoors to cool off.  I was able to condense some stuff too, gaining a little bit of space.  And it’s clear to me I should be going through all my stuff more regularly, to sort, sell, or dump.

We’ve got a storm in the Gulf so I don’t know what today’s weather will bring. I might head over to my secondary or I might just stay here and do other things.    At least I didn’t add to my sunburn yesterday.

I’m sure something will come up to derail my efforts.

Like a global pandemic messed with me getting stuff cleaned out and taken to auction just when I was starting to make progress.  After all, it’s all about me…

Speaking of, it seems to have passed the point in Brazil and India where the true extent can be hidden.   Probably still going into the rapid doubling phase in India, WELL into it in Brazil.   Africa is a big black hole info-wise and so are a lot of other places.   If this was the zombie apocalypse it wouldn’t be long before we stopped getting news out of them entirely.  Since it’s Just The Flu ™, I’m sure places that have dealt with infectious diseases in the past will have no trouble at all.

Really though, it’s still out there, still killing about 1000 people a day in the US, and it’s becoming clear that even if you get over it, you might have lasting and possibly life changing damage.  Don’t get it.    Don’t get complacent or distracted.

It’s just a tiny bit suspicious that when it appeared we might be getting a handle on it, we get a giant virus swapfest, happening daily.  There are some real pros at work.  Did anyone else look carefully at how WELL the slogans were painted in the streets of DC?  The lines were straight, the edges crisp, the letters all well formed.  It takes a lot of effort to even lay out the guidelines for something like that, let alone actually execute it so well, and with really minimal guidemarks.  It almost looked unreal to me.  In any case, if it wasn’t photoshopped, it took work and experienced people and planning and discipline.  Not what you want to see in the enemies of freedom and rule of law.

One way or another, spicy time is coming.  LOTS of people seem to be doing prudent things, far more than I expected.  Shortages of seeds and freezers speak volumes to me.  Canning jars and lids seem to be available at the moment, but that’s another thing I would expect to sell out.  Unless all the people who would can already have what they need… like guns and ammo, you can always use more.

Speaking of which, you always think you have enough guns until the zombies come…

Getting training is harder and has more risks now, but if you need it, find a way to get it.  Several of our local ranges are offering classes, despite the restrictions.   LOTS of people are arming up.  Even my wife suggested it was time to get the girls going on the pellet guns.   I guess that living in the middle of a global pandemic makes it possible to see that some of the other scenarios might not be so far fetched after all.

Keep learning, keep stacking.



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