Day: June 7, 2020

Sun. June 7, 2020 – not a million man march

Hot, hot, and more hot.  I think I could put that in the template for the site.

Yesterday was hot.  Humid.  Sunny, cloudy, and then we got a nice shower in the afternoon.  Sunny and STEAMY after that.  78F when I went to bed.

Looks like the million idiot march in DC had pretty much the same result as the last one.  And the fires, looting, and destruction continue elsewhere.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest accomplishments of the last millennium, and one of the most momentous for Europe slips by with little notice.

I enjoyed my time in our pool yesterday.  Since we were in the privacy of our back yard, I thought I might get in without a T shirt on… It’s probably been 20 years since my belly saw sunlight (other than my brief exposure last week.)  I was in the shade.  It was overcast.  I stayed under the water.  And I’m still itchy and sunburned on my belly and back.   Not even bad enough to see, but it’s enough to feel like wearing a wool sweater with nothing under it.

Other than finally getting in the pool and the yardwork, I really didn’t get much done.  I’ll try again today.

Dinner was lamb chops, delivered fresh from Costco by Instacart, finally.  Sides were cheese and bacon scalloped potatoes from a box, only a month out of date, steamed broccoli from the last delivery, and dinner rolls.  Dessert was sugar cookies from a pouch, just add a stick of butter and an egg.  Pouch was best by 2017, and the kids raved about how good the cookies were.  How could they have been anything but good with that much butter in them?  They were, in fact, REALLY GOOD.  I ate 7.

If we don’t have a big spike in cases before July 4th, I’ll accept that we can relax our covid response a bit, and move further toward normal.  I don’t think we’ll be doing that, or that we’ll get back to ‘normal’ ever again.  My wife and I don’t think the kids will be back in a school building in the fall.  She actually joined a FB group for homeschoolers to start figuring out what is available out there.  I had no idea, but I’m glad.  Doesn’t hurt to spend some time planning ahead or considering options.  That’s what preppers (and all prudent people) do.

Consider also- truck guns, body armor, fire extinguisher sized pepper spray, a house in the country, and some good hedges against inflation.  Another income stream might be a good idea too.


Plan for the day is do as much as possible without getting heat stroke, and get some projects finished.  I guess we’ll see….

Keep stacking, keep thinking, keep your mind and eyes open.



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