Day: June 5, 2020

Fri. June 5, 2020 – Busy day

Hot and humid.  Maybe more rain?

It was certainly hot and humid yesterday.  Stifling when there was no breeze.  It did rain like crazy late in the day, which cooled things down a lot, but that was pretty late…

I got a few things done.  I moved some stuff and cleared some stuff at my secondary location, in preparation for throwing a lot of stuff into the dumpster.  I’ve got a literal truckload (53ft trailer) of stuff to sort, save, recycle, and trash.  That is just the trade show booth, but it will make a lot of room for other stuff.  No one is buying any tradeshow stuff in the next year or two.  Certainly not a booth that has been reworked a couple of times already.   About half of the volume is trash now, with some saveable pieces, and some of the shipping containers for reuse.  I could scrap out the rest, keeping just the containers to sell at some point, but I might keep some stuff like generic walls and towers.  All the lighting is too old and doesn’t meet current requirements, the chairs were more stylish than comfortable, all the messaging and signage is for a company that hasn’t existed for years…  I had hoped to rework it one more time and resell it again, but, I don’t see tradeshows being a thing again for a long time, and I need the space.

That is part of what I hope to do today, start moving that cr@p toward the dumpster.

I’ve also got some auction pickups to do.  I intend to put shelves in the space I open up so I scored some Metro racks on wheels.  This is taking priority because I need somewhere to put the racks… and some of it has to happen today, some tomorrow.  When you are buying in the ‘secondary’ market, you get it when you see it, not when it’s convenient.

All this will certainly make my homelife better, should make my selling of stuff easier, will make it possible for me to do some of the stuff I like doing, and has needed to be done for a long time.  Not really how I expected to be spending a worldwide pandemic.  Damn strange zombie apocalypse.  Although now we have our roaming bands…. can’t shoot them in the head yet though.

Toured the garden yesterday.  Some more blueberries are ready, must be at least 5  🙂  The citrus is doing well.  One of the cabbages has formed a firm center to the head.  It’s the one in the best sunlight, go figure.  Sunlight is important for success at gardening.  Who knew?  Broccoli is still growing.  Asparagus went leggy right away and looks like ferns now.  I’ve gotten one stalk off it in how many years?  I am just keeping it alive until I can transplant it somewhere new  at this point.  Corn and melons continue to grow.  Potato plants continue to die.  No idea what that is, the soil is clean bagged potting soil, so shouldn’t have any grubs or root destroyers in it.  It started out so well too.  Apple and peach trees have leaves, and look like trees, but no flowers and no fruit.  Peppers are still good though.  All in all, likely to be a disappointment.  Good learning though.

In the world and locally, covid is increasing in places that had people getting together.  That bodes ill for the rioters and protesters.  We said a couple of weeks ago that we’d know if easing restrictions led to more cases, and it looks like it did.  We’re starting to see some of the earliest cases, and should see more soon.  3-5 days from exposure to symptoms for most people, one to two weeks of sickness before either getting better, or worse.  So about 2-3 weeks from exposure to hospital admittance…on average.  I’m no fan of NY pols, but whichever one said that all the protesters should consider themselves potentially infected and self isolate got it right this time.  Chances of the public actually doing that??? Zero.

So keep working, keep your awareness up, and keep stacking.



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