Day: June 2, 2020

Tues. June 2, 2020 – headed out of the house today

Hot and humid, possible rain.

Yesterday was overcast and humid most of the day.  90F in the shade.  I spent too long in the driveway and got a bit overheated.  I’ve got to watch that.  It’s harder to keep track when the sun isn’t beating down.

One of the things I had to do was go through the onions I’d stored outside.  A lot of rotten onions and potatoes, and the smell was pretty bad.  Cleaned up and salvaged the potatoes the day before, had to do the onions today.  About half were rotten or something had snacked on them.  The other half just needed to have the outer skins pealed and everything washed.  I’m a bit surprised that I lost basically half or more of the potatoes and onions, which should have been good for months longer, after only two and a half months.  It points out the importance of ‘cool, dark, and dry’, which I don’t have.

I made some very small progress in the driveway and garage.

Today I’ll be taking a load of stuff to my secondary location.  I’ve got a bunch of cardboard to dispose of (got a recycle dumpster there), and some stuff that needs to be moved from here.  Also my pool test kit is there and my wife is getting anxious to test the pool.

And I’ve got a couple of auction pickups to do.  Started back watching the auctions.  Yup.  Trying to get back to normal.  I’m bidding on a couple of freezers.  If the stores are out, the auctions might be the only way to get one.  I certainly don’t want to pay what the last auction got for their uprights, over $500 each.  I don’t really want an upright at all, but it would fit better in the garage, and there aren’t any chest freezers listed at the moment.  If I’m right and we’ve started the big change, having another freezer to fill with food will be a Good Thing ™.

Kids spent a lot of time in the pool, despite the overcast, maybe more than if it was sunny.  I might rig a shade for them once the water warms up in the sun.  I don’t want them crispy with sunburn.

Swim team practice this am.  It gives the kids a chance to really stretch out and use up some energy.   I’m not happy about the contacts, but got outvoted.   I’m trying to keep my distance while I watch.  Normally I’d be selling in the concession stand or doing maintenance around the grounds.

Speaking of watching, I spent an hour watching live streams of various protests.  Lots of noise and movement, not a lot of action.  Not many cops in the videos I watched live.  Just a bunch of people in a mob wandering around.   No sign of it dying out anytime soon.  Not many masks.   And if the wuflu is contagious at all, we should be seeing some big spikes in a week or two.  If not, then there won’t be any legit reason to continue with full lockdowns.

However, everyone should continue with their heightened awareness, and think seriously about increasing their security stance…  you never know where the stupidity will break out.  Or you could just continue to stay home…

Dinner last night was costco prepared lamb shanks, from the freezer, with homemade mashed potatoes with onion and bacon crumbles.  Canned peas and some naan bread from the freezer made it a meal.

Oh, and our old friend ebola is back. Congo-Kinshasa has a new outbreak on the other side of the country from before.

Keep learning, keep planning, keep stacking.



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