Day: June 4, 2020

Thur. June 4, 2020 – the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…

Hot again, wet.  Probably rainy as well.

Yesterday was all that with some serious downpours depending on what part of town you were in.  We got hammered at the house, and I got hammered on my errands.

The sun did come out late in the afternoon, but everything was wet and the humidity was at saturation.  Not pleasant.

Dinner was canned pulled pork from Costco, at least a couple of years past best by, half with bbq sauce, half without, served on hamburger buns, with pasta and canned corn (of course) as a side.  Kids gobbled it down.   We’ve been using 2 cans whenever I make something from storage, but my planning was for one can and more rice or pasta for a really long term condition.  Still got plenty so it makes sense to stick with small variations on our normal meals for now.  Reading the Little House books, they eat a lot of salt pork as their meat, and have a lot of meatless meals.  In last night’s chapter Ma writes down her recipe for 3 meals for the itinerant preacher that will be “baching”  and cooking for himself.   She figures he’ll probably make himself sick with his own cooking.  He figures he’ll learn to cook as he goes.   Both are probably right.  (Also, a jar of pickles was a major treat for the girls, like something they’d never tasted before.  We live in an age of unheard of abundance.)

Swim team practice this morning, then I’ll head over to my secondary and do some cleaning and organizing there.  Maybe I’ll fire up the forklift to move some stuff closer to the dumpster.  I’ve got to get aggressive and make some room.  It would also be nice to finish a couple of the projects I’ve got started here too.

Meanwhile, I don’t know how this rioting ends.  It’s clearly getting outside support.  It also has a parallel governing structure.  Those are two of the requirements for a successful insurrection, which is very concerning.  It won’t end with them having their demands met.  70% of the country will not accept them, and the rioters don’t actually have any idea what they’d accept to stop.  Like all of the left’s demands, they are designed to NOT be meet-able.  That lets them stay in a perpetual state of agitation.

The wuflu is not going to ignore the rioters and protesters either.   We’ll either see more cases, or we’ll know it’s no longer a threat.  I’d love for it to not be a threat, but I expect cases to rise dramatically, especially in the cities.  Texas is already seeing an increase, likely due to our early relaxation of restrictions.

On top of the wuflu, the protests/riots, and all the shifts in geopolitical alignment, we’ve got all our (ab)normal election year drama coming up too.  It’s not gonna be calm.  It’s not going to be ‘normal’.  I expect a LOT of domestic terrorism and unrest.  Localized violence.  Maybe even worse.

Get ready for all that.  There is still some time.

Keep stacking.




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