Day: June 11, 2020

Thur. June 11, 2020 – kids are getting a little frayed…

Less hot, but still hot.  Humid too, most likely.

Yesterday was hot again, although there was wind to provide some cooling.  It wasn’t HOT HOT HOT, but in the sun my skin was pulling tight.  Even very light work at dusk broke a sweat.

All I really did was move all the bikes out into the driveway (a major goal) and spray the grapevines for caterpillars again.   I’m still not done in the driveway, but I have made real progress.  There is a 10ft x 12 ft area on the back patio that is clear of bikes.  That’s major.

I tested my ‘new to me’ benchtop power supply and it’s working.  I need to find a way to fit it into the ‘stack o gear’  on my bench now.  It’s not small or light.  It’s 3RU tall, 18 inches deep and wide, and weighs about 40 pounds or more.  It’s a beast.  At 10% of ebay pricing, I couldn’t say no, especially since I’ve been looking for a DC power supply for a year or more.

I chipped away at my office cleanup a bit too.  I’ve got too many projects started and need to put the effort into finishing a couple.   80/20 or 90/10 rule applies, I got most of the result in the first bit of effort, and now I am having trouble finishing.  And the week is almost gone.

The world continues to careen around like a drunk in a carnival house of mirrors.  Worse, the crazy people insist that we acknowledge and celebrate their insanity.   It’s going to end in violence.  Lots of violence.

I’m afraid we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Dinner was carryout from our favorite Greek place.  My wife was doing curbside pickup at Home Depot for some pool supplies, and some other stuff, and what’s one more curbside pickup at that point?  Delicious. But even I’m breaking down.  Just in time for the second wave…

Kids are tired of not normal.  They’d like to spend time with friends, going out, doing things.  Last summer they were in camps most weeks, doing nature camp, science camp, art camp, and keep these kids out of my hair camp.  They had a short but very busy swim team season.  This year they’re playing some online game with the school friends they haven’t seen in 3 months.  They’ve been real troupers, but they’re starting to show signs of stress too.

So I get it.  EVERYONE wants out of the house and a return to normal.  It just isn’t a good idea, and ‘normal’ isn’t coming back anytime soon.  Even leaving aside the wuflu, the job loss, the rioting, the massive disruption to the economy are all upsetting factors, and you CAN’T ignore the wuflu, because the rest of the world is getting it.  That’s gonna leave a mark on a lot of countries that either sell us stuff or buy our stuff.  Some of those countries are going to experience a change in leadership.  Ours might.  In some cases that will help, in others, the crazy will be in charge and the people will suffer.  None of this is getting us back to ‘normal’.

Flexibility and acceptance and then action are going to be words that help us get through this and on to whatever becomes ‘normal’.  I’d like that to be something other than a decade of burning cities and the collapse of western civilization.

Stacks will help no matter what, so keep stacking.  And since they can’t take your knowledge and skill, keep leveling those up too.



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