Day: June 22, 2020

Mon. June 22, 2020 – I’d buy that for a dollar

Hot and humid, extra special humid, with a side of thunderstorm if the predictions are right.

It was hot and humid all day yesterday, with a real gully washer of a rain  in the middle of the day.  THAT didn’t help the humidity.  So I hid inside.

On Fathers’ Day I exercised my privilege and mostly sat around working on a puzzle and piddling around the house.   I had big plans, but mostly they involved stuff outdoors.  I’m still not feeling great and I took the day off.   Well, mostly off.

My wife discovered that I can get stuff cheap at auctions.  Who knew?  So she has me on a mission finding stuff for Daughter 1’s bedroom redo and other stuff too.   It actually takes quite a while to go through ~8 thousand + online auction lots, even if you’ve got practice.  I usually don’t do that in one sitting, but it was raining like he77 outside, and I didn’t feel like doing plumbing repairs or computer work.  And the puzzle was kicking my butt.

Other activities ate the rest of the day.  Kids did a scavenger hunt for me for my Dads’ Day gifts.  It was cute and a lot of fun.  Before bed we watched a movie, and before that we made brownies.  So I did actually do a bunch of stuff, just nothing to write a blog post about.  (*ahem*)

Special breakfast was waffles with bacon crumbles in them, and bacon on the side.

Dinner was baked turkey thighs.   They were on sale at HEB last week.  Sides were brusselsprouts and roasted potatoes.  All fresh.  My wife cooked it all with help from the girls.   Later Oldest and I made brownies from mix.  The mix was best by 2015.   It was delicious.  Half the pan is already gone.

Late last night I made a comment that I’m seeing way more trash on the street, more illegal dumping, more bums, and more encampments.  That is not a good sign.  That is social norms breaking down, economic impacts, and possibly a shift in attention from TPTB.   Areas that were near bad areas but doing ok, and areas that were marginal have definitely moved toward ‘bad’ in the last few months.  I’ve got a feeling it’s just the beginning.

So keep working on skills and knowledge, and keep stacking.




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