Sun. Nov. 10, 2019 – a good day for garden and yard work?

Cold and damp, but clear? [57F and 91%RH at 940am and clear]

It was 47F and 94%RH when I went to bed. Saturday was nice and clear all day, in it did get a bit warmer during the day, especially in the sun.

Today is forecast for clear, and I’ve got plenty stacked up to do outdoors.

But first, sleeping in and breakfast.

THEN work…


Sat. Nov. 9, 2019 – hobby day…

Cold and clear, but damp. [41F and 95%RH]

It never did warm up yesterday, and it was dreary and overcast all day. It finally blew out late in the afternoon, but there were rain spatters all morning.

I hit one sale that had a ton of good stuff for my hobby and to flip.

I’ve had a couple of ebay sales and an offer yesterday, so maybe my sales drought is finally breaking. Touch wood.

Headed out to hand out with people in meatspace for a few hours and talk about stuff that isn’t politics or prepping. Then I’ve got errands to run and if there’s time, chores to do.

Radio silence most of the day though.

So don’t burn the place down while I’m out!


Fri. Nov. 8, 2019 – another week gone

Cold and wet. [51F and 99%RH]

It was 53F and falling when I went to bed after almost 3 inches of rain during the afternoon and evening. My joints were aching, fingers were stiff, and even the dog had trouble moving. Indoor work all day.

I’m hoping to do some outdoor stuff today. One piece in particular needs some small things done so I can list it and hopefully get it out of the driveway and put some cash in my pocket. There are a couple of estate sales that I would like to check out too, even though they are farther than I would normally go. They have a bunch of stuff for my non-prepping hobby.

NEXT weekend, there is an estate sale with a ton of stuff I want. Like $10K worth of stuff. The guy was a hobby machinist, ham, and woodworker. That’s almost the trifecta. I have no idea what pricing is going to be like, but he’s got a brand new, unused Epilog laser engraver, with the rotating extra axis. I want. Yes I do. Add in mini versions of machine shop machines, a CNC router, and piles of tools and smalls, and I am sure to find stuff I need. I don’t think I can convince the wife to finance me on this and I’ve got a ton of money tied up in unmoving inventory. Timing is everything and mine sucks. But that’s a whole week away…

Meanwhile, I’ve got food to put on shelves, after they’re cleaned and re-set up. I’ve got gardening to do. I’ve got sales to make and stuff to get out of the house.

What have you guys gotten done this week?


Thur. Nov. 7, 2019 – aw, who am I kidding?

cool and damp. again. [62F and 99%RH]

Didn’t get to my ham club lunch yesterday. I was busy loading up the truck and taking stuff to the auction. I’ve got 5 short pallets in this auction, and you can’t tell where the stuff came from unless you know where to look.

On the other hand, I’ve had 3 ebay sales in the last 2 days. Maybe some stuff is finally breaking loose.

More of the same on my schedule for today. Clean, organize, list, and fix. Might be complicated if it rains. The FEMA never right weather map had us firmly in the middle of a big thunderstorm area. I guess we’ll see.

One of the goals in the cleanup/reorganize/massive selloff is to get some workbench space back in the garage. I’ve got a couple of new things to put together, and I need somewhere to do it. It would be nice to be able to actually work out there too, now that it’s cool enough to do so.

Baby steps. I’ll get there or die trying…


Wed. Nov. 6, 2019 – ham lunch, more running around

Cool, humid.

Yesterday ended up warmer than it started, but still nice. My auction pickup was on the other side of town, and I had some other errands to run, so that ate my afternoon. I did sell and ship one ebay lot. Yea me! I got a few more listings done, and a couple more items up on Craigslist. Still nothing from my other listings though.

Just as a PSA, my gun store buddy thinks prices will be rising dramatically as the election gets nearer. Might want to take advantage of prices as they are right now. Especially if you believe CWII is on the horizon.

With that cheery thought, you might want to look into body armor and some threaded barrels… because you def won’t want to attract attention if you do need to get kinetic.

Whoever let loose last night woke up half our neighborhood. Constables couldn’t find anything, but looking at FB group reports, it must have been in or near the open power line right of way that cuts through our neighborhood. There are a couple of nuisance properties in that area too. One neighbor on my street got an audio recording from his doorbell cam. You can hear at least 2 other shots. So it was an exchange of gunfire.

I might step up my moving plan a notch. I love this house, but too much stuff is starting to happen around us. There seems to be an increase in vibrance lately too. I am not amused.


Tues. Nov. 5, 2019 – another day another dollar

Not so cool, and quite humid. [66F and 98%RH]

Spent yesterday cleaning up part of the garage, digging out some lab gear and electronics I’d meant to sell on ebay. Took the lot to the auction. Treated the concrete slab with mold killer. Today I’ll look at putting bulk buckets where that stuff was stored. Also on the list, getting the metal shelves cleaned, re-arranged, and move my storage food back to the shelves. That will get 2 pallets out of the driveway. I know I’ll have some losses in the pile.

I’ve also got a pickup to do. Black 6 mil poly and stuff to sell online. The rolls of poly have a myriad of day to day, and post-apoc uses. The other stuff seems to be selling well on ebay for a 10x markup from where I bought it. I need something to start selling…. nothing sells between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also picked up another self inflating life vest for the truck kit. I’ve got one in there already, for high water emergencies. It will be nice to have another for any potential victim.

In international news, they are starting to burn cops in Chile…

A pretty high percentage of the riot cops seem to be women. Wonder how they’re liking that?

Now, off to do stuff….


Mon. Nov. 4, 2019 – only two months left in the year. Yikes.

Cold and damp. [53F and 99%RH]

I hope no one got tripped up by the “fall back” end of DST in the US yesterday. It’s traditionally a time to check/change the batteries in your smoke detectors, and I’d add any ready flashlights too. Also a good time to check your vehicle kit has your winter items in it.

I did manage to get all the Halloween decor in and put away yesterday. The indoor stuff is my wife and kids’ responsibility. NOT putting up Christmas stuff yet. Fall first, then winter- according to my wife. I”ll get some ‘fall’ and ‘Thanksgiving’ stuff out next week.

We are definitely skidding toward the end of the year now. Three more holidays and that’s another one for the record books. I REALLY need to get stuff to auction this week and next as no one buys between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still have to get the new seedlings into the ground too, if I want them to do anything. So much to do.

I might as well get started.


Sun. Nov. 3, 2019 – sleeping in today, then work work work

Middling cool, and less than saturated. I hope. [nope, 40F and 99%RH at 8am]

I’m trying to sleep in today. I’ve been borderline sick the last three or four days, and sleep will help. I’ve been drinking Airborne ™ which I find does decrease the severity and length of a cold. I don’t really care what the mechanism is, it works for me.

Lotta unrest in the world as things shake up and change. Lotta unhappy people. This is not the time to be picking curtains for the cabins on the Titanic, or arguing over who gets to rearrange the deck chairs. The right side of the blogosphere is suddenly focused on minutia and seems to be losing sight of the big picture.

This is a time of great change. When it’s done, the world is likely to look as different as it did after WWII. I can’t make a prediction about who will be ascendant, but it looks like we’ll be the remnants of the British Empire. Still not a bad place to live, but not the place it once was. We could pull our heads out and have a second renaissance, but it would take some seriously bad stuff happening, and a LOT of deadwood clearing to make way for that. Not something any of us are particularly likely to live through individually. Without a new frontier as a safety valve for the malcontents, that energy gets turned inward and destroys rather than builds.

Something to think about, what does 10 years from now look like, without a cataclysm? Compare our 3 biggest cities of today with 10 years ago. Or 20. Now accelerate all the trends, because things are speeding up. Not a pretty picture. Do the same for Venezuela, Chile, Germany, France, or London. Do it for Iran, before and after the rise of the Ayatollahs. All of those places had sudden violent and dramatic change. What makes us immune?

Stack it high.


Sat. Nov. 2, 2019 – non-prepping hobby day….

Cold and slightly less damp, if I’m lucky. [44F and 99%RH at 630]

Loaded up the truck with stuff to sell at my mini swapmeet. It’s a bit like the old joke- Two antique dealers are the only humans stranded on a desert island, and they both have thriving stores.

I’m hoping to swap some stuff for cash…

I’ll have the younger child with me, fully charged up with the power of the cute. Can’t hurt when the average age of my club members is 65+… Older child is doing a girl scout engineering day at the park. My contribution was some rope, twine, and some REALLY heavy duty double walled cardboard. The parent guide said cardboard was king, and nothing exceeds like excess….

So I’m off to sell, and NOT to buy, hoping to empty the truck at least.


Fri. Nov. 1, 2019 – Friday again, and another month gone

Cold and a bit less damp. That’s my hope anyway. [39F and 44%RH at 6am, according to my weather station- I need new batteries. It’s ‘see your breath’ out and there was a layer of frost on my wife’s windshield.]

It was pretty chilly yesterday. I got my winter shirts and sweatshirts out of the closet and into the dresser. I hated long sleeve T shirts for years, but I found I really like the ones in a modern fabric. I like how they fit and don’t hang on my arms. And they’re breathable. That lets me layer, which is good in a place where you might run the heat at night, and the AC during the day.

Hmm, so maybe Epstein didn’t hang himself….who’d a thunk it? Besides literally EVERYONE, that is.

The attempted coup continues.

Trump moved out of NY for Fl… not the first high net worth individual to flee NY, won’t be the last.

And Cali is still burning, and dark for some folks. Preps people. You need them.

Lots of auction pickups today. I have my non-prepping hobby quarterly “swapmeet” on Saturday, so I’ve got stuff to get together to sell, and some of the stuff I bought this week, I’m hoping to flip on Saturday. Lots of driving, so checking in will be limited once I leave the house.

Talk amongst yourselves….