Sat. Nov. 16, 2019 – another week sped by

cool, wet. [39F and 99%RH but sunny and bright]

Yesterday was nice once it warmed up a bit, but it got cold again in the afternoon. Clear sunny day though.

Well, I didn’t buy anything at the Needville estate. The laser pre-sold. The CNC router was lighter weight that I thought, and $1500. Most of the other tool and outdoor stuff was priced very reasonably, even crazy cheap… But still too rich for my blood. The indoor stuff was HIGH. The ham gear (vintage Heathkit) was immaculate, but priced like it was dipped in gold.

The only thing I saw inside that was reasonable was a pair of bose 301 series III speakers. They were $175 and they sell for about half again more on ebay. Not enough room for a reseller, but if you were looking for a pair, they were a nice discount. The guy collected trains, clocks, machine tools, hobby and craft stuff, and a bunch of collectibles, and all I could find was a couple of books for my post-apoc library. Even they were overpriced at $5, $3, and $3. There was one little slide rule I’m hoping to flip for my gas money. And that’s it.

I did pickup some auction items and previewed next week’s sale. A nice spam can of 7.62, and an ammo can of mystery rounds. I’ll be a bidder. Also got an Aquatainer at a thrift store I couldn’t resist shopping while I was driving by. Can’t have too much water storage.

Didn’t get the plants in the ground this week. Maybe Sunday. Harvested the one orange but haven’t eaten it yet. Still getting nice sweet peppers though. Lemons should be good in a week’s time, maybe sooner. This year I’ll do the fall pruning on the grapevines and see how that helps.

My pile of stuff is starting to get bids in the local auction, so that’s good. Just need to get another load or two over there.

So much to do. And I’ll be spending a few hours today watching musical theatre, with the wife and kids. “Free” tickets. All they cost is your life…. (cue maniacal laughter…..)

I’ve heard some good progress in comments this week. Keep stacking.