Fri. Nov. 29, 2019 – Black Friday, sounds worse than it is….

Cool and damp. probably. [76F and 98%RH]

Yesterday was a fair fall day. Comfortable in shirtsleeves, but not the kind of day that makes you want to run through piles of leaves and smoke a pipe… nice enough though.

I haven’t looked too hard at the bargains in my inbox, but I’m sure there are some. If there are things you are short on, double check pricing, then jump if you need to.

I actually hit the grocery store yesterday for a couple of items. I was not alone. Lots of stuff was on sale too, so I ended up buying a couple flats of canned goods and 10 pounds of pasta. They had a great coupon for the breakfast sausage my kids like, first I’ve seen in a year, so OF COURSE they were mostly sold out. I did get 4 packages, and 10 pounds of bacon. I’ll check again today and see if I can get more. There is room in the freezer at the moment.

Lots of leftovers waiting to get in my belly too. Yum.