Fri. Nov. 8, 2019 – another week gone

Cold and wet. [51F and 99%RH]

It was 53F and falling when I went to bed after almost 3 inches of rain during the afternoon and evening. My joints were aching, fingers were stiff, and even the dog had trouble moving. Indoor work all day.

I’m hoping to do some outdoor stuff today. One piece in particular needs some small things done so I can list it and hopefully get it out of the driveway and put some cash in my pocket. There are a couple of estate sales that I would like to check out too, even though they are farther than I would normally go. They have a bunch of stuff for my non-prepping hobby.

NEXT weekend, there is an estate sale with a ton of stuff I want. Like $10K worth of stuff. The guy was a hobby machinist, ham, and woodworker. That’s almost the trifecta. I have no idea what pricing is going to be like, but he’s got a brand new, unused Epilog laser engraver, with the rotating extra axis. I want. Yes I do. Add in mini versions of machine shop machines, a CNC router, and piles of tools and smalls, and I am sure to find stuff I need. I don’t think I can convince the wife to finance me on this and I’ve got a ton of money tied up in unmoving inventory. Timing is everything and mine sucks. But that’s a whole week away…

Meanwhile, I’ve got food to put on shelves, after they’re cleaned and re-set up. I’ve got gardening to do. I’ve got sales to make and stuff to get out of the house.

What have you guys gotten done this week?