Mon. Nov. 25, 2019 – home all week, with kids

cool and damp. [64F and 99%RH at 9]

Yesterday was nicely cool during the day. I wore a sweatshirt with my shorts. Good working weather.

Kids decided they wanted to have a couple of friends over for a sleepover so I ended up making dinner, and then we had a fire in the pit. They made s’mores and I made a cherry hobo pie. Good stuff. This morning will be pancakes or waffles with sausage and maybe eggs for my wife.

I worked in the garage and driveway most of the afternoon but you couldn’t tell by looking. I actually did make progress, but there is still a long slog ahead.

In the process of digging out one corner of the garage I found some stuff I’d misplaced, so that was good. Found the item I sold on ebay, and got that ready to ship. Sometimes I’m selling items that are more than a year old. Sometimes I have a hard time finding them when they do finally sell. Fortunately I remembered where this one was and got it right out. I tend to ‘clump’ things. I may not remember exactly where an item or tool or supply is, but I know where I stack those sorts of things and that usually narrows it down.

I’ve got several pickups today, so hopefully my wife will find something to do with the kids while I’m out. And I hope it’s not throwing out my stuff…..

I better get to it.