Sun. Nov. 24, 2019 – stayed up too late

Cold and damp. Of course. [40s and saturated, but sunny! so basically nice fall weather]

Watching youtube and listening to the shortwave playing music, and stayed up long past my bedtime. Gonna be a weary day today.

I did get a couple of things done yesterday, but nothing major on the list. I did get the food rotated to and from the secondary, at least for the small amount I just bought. One case baked beans, one case corn, one partial case peas, one bottle kids multivitamin, one shrink wrap bunch of canned chicken from Costco, and a bucket of rice. I didn’t bring bulk rice home. It was a one for one swap though. I’ve been buying the same stuff for years. Also took a case of Mountain House, mixed meals, and a package of starbucks instant, and one case of instant oatmeal packets. Oh, and a bottle of dishsoap.

I identified a bunch more stuff to take to auction. And a couple of things I’ll list on ebay.

Of course I bought some auction stuff too. I won a bunch of bids for supplies and parts to feed or build some things. For some reason, one of the auctions has a bunch of magpul in damaged boxes. Works for me… and you never know what’s going to come out of the drawers or safes at an estate sale. I’ll either flip it, or buy something to use it with…

And now to get back to work.