Sat. Nov. 2, 2019 – non-prepping hobby day….

Cold and slightly less damp, if I’m lucky. [44F and 99%RH at 630]

Loaded up the truck with stuff to sell at my mini swapmeet. It’s a bit like the old joke- Two antique dealers are the only humans stranded on a desert island, and they both have thriving stores.

I’m hoping to swap some stuff for cash…

I’ll have the younger child with me, fully charged up with the power of the cute. Can’t hurt when the average age of my club members is 65+… Older child is doing a girl scout engineering day at the park. My contribution was some rope, twine, and some REALLY heavy duty double walled cardboard. The parent guide said cardboard was king, and nothing exceeds like excess….

So I’m off to sell, and NOT to buy, hoping to empty the truck at least.