Fri. Oct. 25, 2019 – Finally Friday…

Cool. Damp. [53F and 99%RH is pretty cool and damp!]

Well, maybe not “finally” as this week went by very quickly. Tons of stuff to do still, so I’ll be avoiding work all day….

Wife and kids will be at Girl Scout camp this weekend, so I’ll be home alone with the dog. Wild women and parties, I guess.

Or maybe more work.

Either way, good times, amirite?


Thur. Oct. 24, 2019 – another school day

Cooler and dryer. For sure.

At school learning the secrets of the Fifth Grade science classes. Electricity and motors this week. This lab is not the guy’s strong suit according to the PTA coordinator. And he doesn’t take kindly to suggestions, or planning.

Fun times.

And so I’m off, to get some edumakation beat into some kids…


Wed. Oct. 23, 2019 – busy day

Cooler and somewhat dryer. Yesterday was very nice outside, as long as I avoided the sun. The sun was scorching my brain…

Today I’ve got my volunteer science class for the Fourth graders, followed by my ham radio lunch. That should keep me busy and out of comms until after 2pm…

I hope the world can watch after itself for a couple of hours, ‘cuz I can’t.


Tues. Oct. 22, 2019 – work, work, work…

Hot and wet? Could be, but it was beautiful by the end of the daylight hours yesterday. Sun came out, temps were held down, and the clear blue sky was great. Even had some pretty pinks and reds at dusk.

Picked up some of my auction items. Lots of parts for various build projects are piling up in the garage.

I’ll probably never get to them. Oh well, I’ll have them there if I need them.

Hit the Costco run yesterday and spent a bunch more than usual. Didn’t get bulk, but did pile a bunch of stuff in the cart. Sometimes my self-discipline sucks. I hope I do better at the grocery store today.

Rain delayed and shifted some of my plans so there is a cascade effect. Running around doing pickups added to that.

I’ve got my school volunteer days on Wed. and Thur. so I really need to get ahead of the curve.

Lots of yard decor to do too, but that falls down the list with each day.


Mon. Oct. 21, 2019 – crazy times

Cooler and just as wet as always, probably. [not so much, 76F and 98%RH]

It got HOT and slimy wet yesterday. Really unpleasant. I did get a couple of things done, or at least started.

I am working on moving stuff, putting stuff away, and organizing so I can get rid of a bunch of stuff. I got some of that accomplished. So much more to do though.

I made a couple of trips to the hardware store to try and advance my roof rack project. If I can get it installed, it won’t be in the driveway. Winner winner… I managed to get the bracketry installed on the truck. Maybe I’ll have time to try to get the rack on today.

I have auction pickups, so I might not get to it.

I need to do grocery shopping too. I couldn’t find any spaghetti for dinner Friday. That’s a prepper fail! In my defense, I took a bucket of pasta to my secondary location last week, so that’s where it ended up.

I picked up some veg for the garden. I got broccoli, cabbage, collards, and brussels sprouts. They are mostly supposed to be cold tolerant. I guess we’ll see. I got some shake on veg fertilizer too. I would like to add a couple of bags of dirt to at least 2 of the beds. Maybe I’ll get to that later today. I’ve had brussels sprouts develop a couple of little heads, and one year got a stalk of broccoli, so I’m hoping to get some result this year. For me, collards usually take a year to establish and then I harvest for a whole year. I don’t have any in the ground atm, just peppers, which are still producing. I was thinking of trying a potato tower this year, but I haven’t done anything about it yet. I still have the fence mounted “window boxes” to consider. I think I’ll try some salad greens again. Turnips and beets did well…

It’s easier to focus on the garden/yard/house/holidays, but man o man is it getting crazy in the world. (see the comments late yesterday for some examples) I think we’re on the downhill slide, and it will pick up speed rapidly. Look at Venezuela as a guide. Our post industrial cities aren’t in any better shape, our spending is out of control, the invaders are everywhere, as are the homeless. Trash piles up, and infrastructure falls down. Medieval diseases are returning, and so is the feudal system. Superstition and feelings replace science and rationality. Trump is buying us breathing room, a change to the slope, but I don’t think anyone can reverse the trend any time soon.

I can’t grow enough food. I suck at gardening. That is starting to really bug me.

It occurs to me that some of you might not be willing to share your progress for OPSEC reasons. If so, please consider using a new name and posting about your success or failure. And for any of the couples/families that RBT helped anonymously, I’d love to do an update post on your experiences. Drop me an email to my last name at aol dotcom. I’ll change or summarize whatever you’d like.

I hope I’m wrong. But I bet there were folks sitting in Venezuela hoping the same thing a year ago…

nick flandrey

Sun. Oct. 20, 2019 – October is 2/3 gone…

Not so cool and still humid. [78F and 99%RH @9am]

Got some stuff done yesterday. Cut the grass, blew the leaves and debris. Weedwacked around the driveway, along the fence as part of my cleanup and get rid of stuff plan. Got some camping gear out for my wife to use with the Girl Scouts next weekend.

Didn’t get any decor set up, and left all of Friday night’s stuff in the truck. It was over 90F Sat. afternoon, and I just wasn’t ready for that.

FEMA national forecast calls for Houston to get rain. I hope it holds off for at least a little while. I’ve got to get some decor set up and do some work in the driveway and patio or my wife will finally lose patience and call 1800 Got Junk. Can’t have that.

My apple tree that had fruit this year suddenly looks like it’s dying. The leaves are shriveled and brown. No clue what might have killed it. I’m hoping it’s just fall, but the other tree looks fine, and when the leaves turn they don’t usually shrivel. Dammit, I got ONE golf ball sized apple. ONE! That’s $50 per apple, not counting water…

Maybe I’ll get to the garden today. Hope springs eternal.


Sat. Oct. 19, 2019 – sleeping in a bit, I hope, then lots of household stuff

Cool and humid? yeah, we got that.

Today should be a good day to do yard and house stuff. One volleyball game late morning, and nothing else on the calendar.

I lost three days for the funeral trip, and before that three days for the inlaws anniversary party trip… that’s a week out of this month. No wonder I feel behind.

Time for the weekly round up. What did you guys do to prep? Thanks to pcb_duffer for his update on post hurricane Florida, anyone got anything from the Cali fires and blackouts?

About the only pure prepping thing I did this short week was feeding the family Sweet Sue canned chicken and dumplings over a slice of white bread with white gravy. All but the bread from stores. It wasn’t poison, but it wasn’t a hit either.

So what have you done??


Fri. Oct. 18, 2019 – school daze school days, dear old golden rule dayz

Cool and damp? Probably. [54F and 99%RH]

Got a bunch of stuff done yesterday but not anywhere near enough to make TODAY easier….

I’ll start at the rent house installing the craigslist/facebook dryer. If it actually works, I’ll be happy. If not, the number of jailhouse and gang tattoos on the seller will have me pulling parts and putting them on ebay, while trying to find another replacement. Guy and his girlfriend might be completely honorable, but I don’t need to find out for the small change I’ve got invested…

Then some personal care, and placing some items where they might sell locally.

Then to round out the afternoon and evening, I will be installing temporary and fun! lighting for our school’s Fall Festival today. Then I’ll be packing it up, a bit later. No roadies or tour buses for me, but my wife will help. I’ve got a 400w long throw UV floodlight, a rock concert venue sized fog machine, and some colored lights to put the fun! in dis-functional… I can’t wait until my daughters need me to start supplying sound systems or bigger light shows. I’m a one man rental house 😉 and I like my geezer rock LOUD…


Thur. Oct. 17, 2019 – hope I’m feeling better, lots to do…

It was 63f and wet when I went to bed. Probably the same today. [57F and 94%RH]

Auctions, school stuff, and Halloween stuff to do today. Lots of running around. We are on the edge of the rain band on the FEMA National forecast, but I’m hoping for dry. Everything I need to do would be complicated by rain.

Oh, rent house stuff too. Almost forgot about that. Well, actually did forget, but got a text from the tenant. Dang. Already full day got fuller.

Time to make the donuts.