Wed. Nov. 27, 2019 – kids home, wife at work, me home too…

Another warm day, with plenty of moisture is a safe bet…. [after getting rain spatters through the night, it’s currently 64F and 40%RH with sunshine and wind]

And I’ll be home with the kids. Wife saw a chance to get out of the house, and earn some points at work by going in today, when the chances of working were slim. That means I’ve got the kids. And that usually means I’m trying to do stuff around the house while they watch how-to vids on youtube, or play minecraft. I know, not recommended.

For peace in the house, I need to keep plugging away at the pile. Can’t take a day off.

And the world continues on its way toward upheaval and madness. I just watched a vid from REI, where I used to be proud to be a coop member, with a (drag queen?) very queer in every sense of the word, actor scolding us for not doing enough about plastic in the ocean. Presented as a poem and very dramatic reading it felt like a parody but wasn’t. I’m not gonna link, google Patty Gonia if you want to see it. It ended with credits and a bizarre message about Hawaii and native peoples and implies much more than it said- about a whole ‘nuther bucket o crazy that must be out there.

People have truly lost their minds. They have no sense of proportion or history. They are easily swayed by emotion and dismiss fact as unimportant. We cannot continue to support a high tech society without science and fact-based reasoning. We cannot feed our current population without a high tech society and all that comes with it. Once broken, it will take a long time to get it back, if it’s even possible. What would it take for the Midwest to look like sub-Saharan africa? For Detroit to look like Lagos?

How far down the path are we already?