Sat. Nov. 23, 2019 – sleeping in, then……work.

Cooler, and hopefully no rain. Yesterday threatened rain all day and in all the places I went. The sun finally broke through late in the day. I’m hoping for better weather today, but your guess is as good as mine. [51F and 89%RH at 9am, 61F at 11am, sunny]

Mom’s PC got here, so I have to get that sorted out and back to her, but I won’t waste any nice day on it. I’ll fight that demon after dark. No way she needs it before Tgiving anyway. (I can leave it off the network if I have it locally, and prevent any background updating. Maybe get the pagefile sorted out, as I suspect the disk is full and can’t page properly.)

As I’ve noted before, I’m seized with the feeling that time is short. So many pieces are in motion in ways that they haven’t been for decades. So I put some more cans on the shelf and bought another 50# of rice. About 40# fits in a five gallon bucket, so that’s something to consider, even if 50# is cheaper than 40. You might want to buy 2 bags of 20# if you can fit the entire contents into one bucket. It’s kinda like my feeling on #10 cans. No way we can eat a whole can before it goes bad, so I buy normal cans of food. I’d rather pay more per ounce, and use it all than get a deal on the big can but waste it. It also helps me with spoilage to only have smaller cans at risk. Something to consider for your own situation. Another example is the “bachelor” size (single serving) cans. I bought them when I was single, because I wouldn’t even eat a whole 12 – 16 oz can and the smaller cans meant less waste, even though the per ounce cost was higher. For $/oz actually eaten, they were a better deal.

One of the things I’m hoping to do today involves rotating some new cans to my secondary site, and bringing some of those 4 year old cans to the house. And taking the new bucket of rice to the secondary site. It occurs to me that while I’ve got lots of water storage there, I don’t have a potable water hose, or a sediment filter there. I should probably got that set up over there too. And maybe rotate out the fuel I have stored there too. Wouldn’t hurt to have some other ‘supplies’ there as well, but I don’t have a real secure place for them. Off-books supplies shouldn’t be stored with on-books supplies, or what’s the point? It’s always something.

Anything “sticky” in the med kits needs to be checked and replaced as needed. Some loses the sticky, some gets extra sticky. Age and heat (like a car kit) are killers for the sticky and other soft plastics. It’s been a while since I went through the kits.

In meatspace I’m signed up to learn a whole bunch more about how our school district works. Everything the district does impacts my kids directly or indirectly. And even though I think bad times are already started, and will only get worse, I also live as if the future won’t be horrible. So while I’m working on backup food, heat, water, and security, I’m also looking at where the kids will be in school in several years…. under the assumption that history shows us that things mostly stay the same (until they suddenly don’t.) The ‘suddenly don’t’ might not come in my lifetime, and I have to be prepping for that too.

So what have you guys done this week?