Tues. Nov. 5, 2019 – another day another dollar

Not so cool, and quite humid. [66F and 98%RH]

Spent yesterday cleaning up part of the garage, digging out some lab gear and electronics I’d meant to sell on ebay. Took the lot to the auction. Treated the concrete slab with mold killer. Today I’ll look at putting bulk buckets where that stuff was stored. Also on the list, getting the metal shelves cleaned, re-arranged, and move my storage food back to the shelves. That will get 2 pallets out of the driveway. I know I’ll have some losses in the pile.

I’ve also got a pickup to do. Black 6 mil poly and stuff to sell online. The rolls of poly have a myriad of day to day, and post-apoc uses. The other stuff seems to be selling well on ebay for a 10x markup from where I bought it. I need something to start selling…. nothing sells between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I also picked up another self inflating life vest for the truck kit. I’ve got one in there already, for high water emergencies. It will be nice to have another for any potential victim.

In international news, they are starting to burn cops in Chile…

A pretty high percentage of the riot cops seem to be women. Wonder how they’re liking that?

Now, off to do stuff….