Fri. Nov. 15, 2019 – finally a break in volunteering….

Cold, and wet. [39F and 99%RH]

I know, I bring it on myself. Working with the kids is FUN. Seeing them ‘get’ a concept is great. Coming up with ideas that work, and that help their understanding is pretty cool too. Plus, being in the school gives me insight that I couldn’t get from outside.

I still have a full day. Two pickups on opposite sides of town, and a sale that is over an hour south. The sale has hobby machine tools, a CNC router, ham gear, and a ton of stuff that is related. The guy had money and toys. (the brand new epilog laser engraver, with every option, sold before the sale, so at least I won’t be trying to convince my wife that I need a $10K laser…) I suppose I really don’t need to be buying, but the time to buy is when you see it.

Lots of driving today, once I leave the house.