Sun. Nov. 3, 2019 – sleeping in today, then work work work

Middling cool, and less than saturated. I hope. [nope, 40F and 99%RH at 8am]

I’m trying to sleep in today. I’ve been borderline sick the last three or four days, and sleep will help. I’ve been drinking Airborne ™ which I find does decrease the severity and length of a cold. I don’t really care what the mechanism is, it works for me.

Lotta unrest in the world as things shake up and change. Lotta unhappy people. This is not the time to be picking curtains for the cabins on the Titanic, or arguing over who gets to rearrange the deck chairs. The right side of the blogosphere is suddenly focused on minutia and seems to be losing sight of the big picture.

This is a time of great change. When it’s done, the world is likely to look as different as it did after WWII. I can’t make a prediction about who will be ascendant, but it looks like we’ll be the remnants of the British Empire. Still not a bad place to live, but not the place it once was. We could pull our heads out and have a second renaissance, but it would take some seriously bad stuff happening, and a LOT of deadwood clearing to make way for that. Not something any of us are particularly likely to live through individually. Without a new frontier as a safety valve for the malcontents, that energy gets turned inward and destroys rather than builds.

Something to think about, what does 10 years from now look like, without a cataclysm? Compare our 3 biggest cities of today with 10 years ago. Or 20. Now accelerate all the trends, because things are speeding up. Not a pretty picture. Do the same for Venezuela, Chile, Germany, France, or London. Do it for Iran, before and after the rise of the Ayatollahs. All of those places had sudden violent and dramatic change. What makes us immune?

Stack it high.