Fri. Nov. 1, 2019 – Friday again, and another month gone

Cold and a bit less damp. That’s my hope anyway. [39F and 44%RH at 6am, according to my weather station- I need new batteries. It’s ‘see your breath’ out and there was a layer of frost on my wife’s windshield.]

It was pretty chilly yesterday. I got my winter shirts and sweatshirts out of the closet and into the dresser. I hated long sleeve T shirts for years, but I found I really like the ones in a modern fabric. I like how they fit and don’t hang on my arms. And they’re breathable. That lets me layer, which is good in a place where you might run the heat at night, and the AC during the day.

Hmm, so maybe Epstein didn’t hang himself….who’d a thunk it? Besides literally EVERYONE, that is.

The attempted coup continues.

Trump moved out of NY for Fl… not the first high net worth individual to flee NY, won’t be the last.

And Cali is still burning, and dark for some folks. Preps people. You need them.

Lots of auction pickups today. I have my non-prepping hobby quarterly “swapmeet” on Saturday, so I’ve got stuff to get together to sell, and some of the stuff I bought this week, I’m hoping to flip on Saturday. Lots of driving, so checking in will be limited once I leave the house.

Talk amongst yourselves….