Mon. Nov. 4, 2019 – only two months left in the year. Yikes.

Cold and damp. [53F and 99%RH]

I hope no one got tripped up by the “fall back” end of DST in the US yesterday. It’s traditionally a time to check/change the batteries in your smoke detectors, and I’d add any ready flashlights too. Also a good time to check your vehicle kit has your winter items in it.

I did manage to get all the Halloween decor in and put away yesterday. The indoor stuff is my wife and kids’ responsibility. NOT putting up Christmas stuff yet. Fall first, then winter- according to my wife. I”ll get some ‘fall’ and ‘Thanksgiving’ stuff out next week.

We are definitely skidding toward the end of the year now. Three more holidays and that’s another one for the record books. I REALLY need to get stuff to auction this week and next as no one buys between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still have to get the new seedlings into the ground too, if I want them to do anything. So much to do.

I might as well get started.