Thur. Nov. 21, 2019 – got a few things done, more to do

Warm, damp. Rain on the way? [71F and 96%RH]

It never did rain yesterday but it threatened locally most of the day.

I got another thing ready to list which took way longer than it should have but it’s done and ready. While I was working in that part of the driveway, I finished up the paint on the window AC unit I saved from the trash a month or more ago. In the afternoon I sold an item on ebay. Funny, that I’d done a new listing, then I had a sale… My local auction finished and I’m $335 richer. Not as much as I’d hoped, but that’s a couple of pallets gone. Did some hustling and sold a couple items I picked up locally to locals, mainly one of my neighbors, and my gun store buddy.

I’m feeling very short time. And short money. Feels good to be making progress no matter how small.

So that’s the thought for the day. Incrementalism. Make it work for you.