Fri. Nov. 29, 2019 – Black Friday, sounds worse than it is….

Cool and damp. probably. [76F and 98%RH]

Yesterday was a fair fall day. Comfortable in shirtsleeves, but not the kind of day that makes you want to run through piles of leaves and smoke a pipe… nice enough though.

I haven’t looked too hard at the bargains in my inbox, but I’m sure there are some. If there are things you are short on, double check pricing, then jump if you need to.

I actually hit the grocery store yesterday for a couple of items. I was not alone. Lots of stuff was on sale too, so I ended up buying a couple flats of canned goods and 10 pounds of pasta. They had a great coupon for the breakfast sausage my kids like, first I’ve seen in a year, so OF COURSE they were mostly sold out. I did get 4 packages, and 10 pounds of bacon. I’ll check again today and see if I can get more. There is room in the freezer at the moment.

Lots of leftovers waiting to get in my belly too. Yum.


Author: Nick Flandrey

Mid 50s, stay at home dad, with two elementary school age girls. Love my family and my life.

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  1. We saw “Knives Out” yesterday. I guess it is hard to escape the “Wise Latina” meme right now, but the film mostly worked regardless.

    My wife’s immediate family members are all headed to Germany for Christmas so we weren’t subjected to my mother-in-law this year since she’s springing for the plane tickets.

    No we aren’t going. My wife is the responsible Chinese child so we would have to pay our own way and still end up responsible for keeping my mother-in-law busy.

    No thanks.

  2. Some headlines–

    When I think of the effort and resources to catch just these 90 (later increased to many more) I am struck by the futility of the effort. And these mostly just left. The ones that push it will eat millions of dollars and man hours.

    This one is out Greg’s way, Teacher of the Year ™— school sure has changed. I’m pretty well convinced that they need to improve the ventilation systems in high schoools if they are going to put young female teachers in with sweaty young men.

    But, but, but— I thought the Bronx was a gun free paradise…..

    Yup, what we really need here is more diversity, can’t get enough superstitious violence….

    And a sadder note, while I no longer climb, I used to regularly and followed the magazines and films about the rising stars. Always tie a safety knot in the end of your rappel rope is a basic tenet. Simul-rappeling (abseiling for you Brits) is quicker, but 2x the danger… Quicker can get you killed on the rockface.

    And that’s just me tab clearing.


  3. I just deleted over 80 emails with black friday in the title.

    They’re hungry out there. This could be the last Christmas for Sears. Maybe Penny’s too.

    Kohl’s cut a deal with the devil and accepts Amazon returns. We’ll see how well that works for the chain.

  4. I bought two things today:
    – a Raspberry Pi 4 setup to act as a file server, no discount – Amazon just got the bundle I wanted in stock this week.
    – some tea I was going to get anyway but got free shipping today.

  5. This one is out Greg’s way, Teacher of the Year ™— school sure has changed. I’m pretty well convinced that they need to improve the ventilation systems in high schoools if they are going to put young female teachers in with sweaty young men.

    Round Rock High is my kid’s school. The ISD needs to clean house in the front office … again.

    I don’t think the attraction is the Y chromosomes as much as the money some of the families possess.

  6. @greg, I’m looking for a reason for all the young teachers “raping” their students. They can’t all have money, and other than moral degeneracy and social decay, I think there must be a biological component.

    @ ech, I picked up a Canakit RasPi III kit at a sale last week. Looks like it has everything in it including a case and cables. No idea what I’ll do with it, maybe some ham radio stuff.


  7. No idea what I’ll do with it

    Minecraft server works, though the “computer” and “device” versions of Minecraft don’t work with each other, or at least didn’t when I set up a server a couple years ago at my daughter’s request.
    Or a torrent machine. Hook it up to a hard drive and run through a proxy server and you can get all those movies you and the kids want to watch even though you don’t want to give money to Disney or the other big, anti-American movie companies.
    Or a TOR node, if your ISP won’t shut off your access for doing such a thing.

  8. The only thing “shocking” is how few people are in the mall….

    Everyone who wants a 50 inch flat screen has one. The loss of retailing expertise means that the stores have no idea what to pitch to people.

  9. Good luck, Brad.

    It sounds like law and paperwork legwork are on your side. Is that likely to prevail, or are extra-legal matters likely to outweigh the law? eg, the neighbor’s barber is the mayor’s brother, or simply that the neighbor is loud and obnoxious and likely to cause aggravation for years if he doesn’t get his way, whereas you’re new and seem polite and reasonable and don’t have a known history of histrionics.

    For another approach, Switzerland has some number of “refugees”, who have low assets and low income, high sense of entitlement, and high level of criminality. Perhaps two problems can be made to resolve one another, hint-hint, say no more, a nudge is as good as a wink to a blind bat.

  10. @Nick
    Re: ICE and the fake Michigan University.
    I am undoubtedly over-naive / over-idealistic / something. It infuriates me that government agencies are permitted to construct elaborate expensive lies to increase their arrests. Surely there are sufficient low hanging fruit law breakers that didn’t require any enticement to violate the rules to keep law enforcement of all kinds amply occupied.
    I recognize that entrapment is considered a valid / valuable law enforcement tool by many. I find it reprehensible in most cases.

    I read the ICE / fake university thing before I flipped over to RBT and intended to link to it. Glad you included it.

  11. @greg, I’m looking for a reason for all the young teachers “raping” their students. They can’t all have money, and other than moral degeneracy and social decay, I think there must be a biological component.

    Sure, there is a biological component. Thanks to the birthdate requirement change implemented in most districts over the last 20 years, most high school seniors are already 18 by the time they graduate, and, increasingly, a lot of education colleges put interns back into the high school classroom as sophomores at 20 to provide a “hands on” experience with instruction.

    Less mature female teachers meeting more mature high school males is asking for trouble.

    Still, I don’t discount the attraction of a lot of the students’ financial situations at Round Rock. That’s biology at work too. An 18 year-old male driving a Mustang GT is going to have more chemistry-driven appeal to a 20-something female teacher than a peer male “pajama boy” in a Prius, especially if the teacher herself is from a wealthy background.

    Round Rock gets a lot of interns and graduates from Baylor and Mary Hardin-Baylor education colleges since the schools are a relatively short (by Texas standards) drive from the respective campus locations. We get a lot from UT too, but the SJW indoctrination is more complete than the religious private schools and demographics more middle to upper-middle class than upper class.

    Of course, I will concede that I only have a working theory. Unlike the AGW crowd, I am open to the fact that it is far from settled science.

  12. @jenny, entrapment is wrong. Pure and simple. I think (and have posted many times) that almost every FBI “success” stopping terror in the US was entrapment. In almost every case, they built their terror suspect from the ground up. And in the process they completely miss the actual terrorists.

    Someone said it’s easier to create the future than predict it, and the FBI has taken the same approach to fighting terror.

    There will be millions spent and hours of staff time, and it will undoubtedly be easier and more comfortable for the agents involved than staking out border crossings, or raiding safe houses.


  13. I guess the bloom is off the rose, and the press is p!ssed at their former favorite for something….

    Look at the photos in this piece…

    Don’t actually READ any of it, or you are likely to lose IQ points.

    FWIW, I think Kim Bigassian probably looks similar without makeup, filters and photoshop…


  14. I guess the bloom is off the rose, and the press is p!ssed at their former favorite for something….

    ITV’s publicity department at work.

  15. It’s a pop culture mashup in my living room.

    My kids are hacking up “nitwit villagers” while singing “Beauty School Dropout”.

    – why hack up villagers? “Because they’re NITWITS.”

    10yo, scornfully, ” They’re just NPCs. They don’t have any intelligence.”


  16. They’re just NPCs. They don’t have any intelligence.

    If it’s any help, that’s about what I plan to say if The Night of the Long Knives comes and I wade into a “peaceful demonstration” of pAntifas.

  17. NPC players and gaming.

    My child is drunk on video games. I’ve never let her play them – closest she’s gotten is inane “match the sound to the letter” or similar on the iPad when I was losing my mind from her incessant chatter (I love my gabby girl but there are times I can’t take the lack of quiet).

    I unearthed the Atari 2600 knock off my husband gave me last Christmas. Plugged it in for the first time last night. Introduced her to the pleasures of Pong, Frogger, Adventure, etc.

    She’s figured out how to navigate the menu and is rapidly developing mad skills.

    I may regret this later…

  18. Regrets, Jenny: When my daughter turned three I let her be a “big help” by showing her how to swipe the credit card through the reader at the grocery store. A couple of cashiers, all older women, chuckled and told me I would regret teaching her that in a few years.

  19. From @brad yesterday:

    The bad news is that I coincidentally met the crazy future neighbors, while looking at the building site. They had a surveyor out, and are convinced that our access road is in the wrong place. To me, it looks fine – it just that, to build a 10 foot wide road, you have to dig out a route more than 10 feet wide.

    We always thought the woman was the nutty one, but the guy was – literally! – foaming at the mouth. In any case, they stated that they will be suing us, and I do believe they mean it. As Greg said last week: this crap takes a lot of the joy out of building a new house…

    Oh my. Does that mean that they will be suing the city also ? If they do actually sue you then can you get the city (who approved the road) into the suite also ?

    Good luck !

  20. Thanks for the good wishes! It’s been a day for coincidences: just as I was leaving, my wife saw somw guys walking around the building site, so I went down. Turns out it was two of the three members of the town’s building commission. I got a pat on the back, and the assurance that they have never seen such theatrics.

    They will still go by the book, and anything they decide can be overruled by a court, but at least we know that we’re not the crazy ones.

  21. “Incoming: The Chicxulub Impactor, Part 6 ― Now What? By Stephanie Osborn”

    “In the last 600 million years, at least 3 large asteroids have impacted Earth, sufficient to generate craters of order 100km (60mi) across or greater. These are Chicxulub (in Yucatan, Mexico), Popigai (in Siberia, Russia), and Manicouagan (in Quebec, Canada).”

    “It means that Chicxulub ISN’T unusual. It isn’t a one-of-a-kind event. It’s a semi-regular occurrence on geological timescales. It means figure out what to do NOW, while there’s time, because it IS gonna happen again. No “might.” No “maybe.” It WILL happen again.”

    This is what we need to be spending money on. Not this fake global warming crap.

  22. “Bloomberg Bought Virginia Legislators Introduce Confiscatory Gun Ban”

    “Michael Bloomberg’s bought and paid for Virginia legislators have wasted no time introducing legislation that would make the Old Dominion’s gun laws worse than those of the billionaire’s home state of New York.”

    “SB 16, introduced by Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, would create a total ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, like the AR-15. Even worse, the ban would even extend to common firearm parts. The restrictions included in the proposed legislation does not grandfather current owners. The legislation is clearly designed to be firearms confiscation, as current owners would be forced to dispossess themselves of their property or face a felony conviction.”

    “Saslaw’s legislation provides,”

    “It is unlawful for any person to import, sell, transfer, manufacture, purchase, possess, or transport an assault firearm.”

    Well, now we know where the gun grabbers will start their unconstitutional business.

  23. “21 Best Science Fiction Books of 2019”

    Only recognized three of ’em: Rucker, Chiang, and Atwood, the last of which is on my only-buy-used-and-cheap-if-ever list.

    From the blurbs:

    “A twisting, sapphic time travel fantasy love story that never stops surprising: …”

    SF Lesbian Porn–Ooooh, baby!

    Thankfully, inexpensive, sane, non-SJW SF is still available on Abebooks.

  24. That list is pretty heavy on time travel. Not my favorite sub-genre.

    Nor were there any that caught my attention enough to look them up on amazon.

    That’s not really a surprise though.

    I would like to thank whoever here recommended the Hard Case books, I’m on number 9 and love them. Yes, they are pulpy ‘mens adventure’, but all the sex is off-screen. Yes, they’re all morally vacant killers and torturers. But the good guys win, the action never stops, and I was laughing out loud during the last one I read.

    I’m about half way thru Ringo’s last zombie book, the brother’s story and haven’t had enough interest to pick it up. It was Faith’s antics that moved the rest of the books along, and that’s missing from this one.

    I’m getting the itch to re-read the Harper Hall books from the Pern series. I’ve been resisting because I only own them in hard back. My old eyes love me some kindle resizing…. and in the last couple of days I’ve been hit with the urge to re-read some classic William Gibson, like Neuromancer, or Burning Chrome….. I wonder if the prose would hold up to my more modern reading.


  25. “Massachusetts Town Votes for Freezing in the Dark”

    “BROOKLINE, Mass. — A Massachusetts town overwhelmingly voted Wednesday night to ban the future installation of oil and gas pipes in future construction projects as well as in renovations of existing buildings.”

    “The bylaw, which passed the Brookline town meeting with 210 votes in favor and just three opposing, would be the first such prohibition in the state of Massachusetts.”

    What is wrong with these people ?

  26. What is wrong with these people ?

    Brookline. Isn’t that where Dukakis lived?

    I’m old enough to remember that campaign. Besides the Alfred E. Newman-invoking “tank” image, I’ll never forget the video of Dukakis pushing a manual rotary lawn mower on a decent-sized front yard at his home.

    I didn’t buy it for a second — either the manual mower cutting that size piece of lawn or Dukakis doing the chore himself.

    I also remember that Algore’s opposition research found Willie Horton — Something the Dems would like you to forget.

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