Wed. Nov. 20, 2019 – not quite time to start baking

Cool again, and damp. With rain in the forecast.

Lots more messing around today, and I better start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. Need to avoid the rush…

And on a personal note, my ‘cold’ or whatever is developing a cough. Most of the day it’s fine, but gets worse at night. Not getting much up, but the itchy feeling in the throat is unpleasant.

I’m trying to get a little extra sleep but that isn’t working out too well.

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Too much to do to be sick.


Author: Nick Flandrey

Mid 50s, stay at home dad, with two elementary school age girls. Love my family and my life.

25 thoughts on “Wed. Nov. 20, 2019 – not quite time to start baking”

  1. DON’T GET SICK !!!
    It’s a bad idea in any situation.
    Take it from one with lots of experience.
    Visit a Doctor … they don’t use leeches anymore.

  2. There are a lot of pictures in this article that I’ve never seen before. Worth saving.

    Also worth asking, “Who does that?” about the way the room is staged. More specifics too. I wonder how much of it is retconning? And who took the photos? No evidence tags, no other people in the shots. Every crime scene photo I’ve ever seen has one or the other….


  3. Packing up the house has slowed with the wife recovering from her surgery. The operation on her leg has left her in LOTS of pain and she requires prescription pain killers to get by. She has an aversion to these but this time she is a believer.
    Almost everything is packed and in the garage. I am sure we can get it all in a 26 ft Uhaul if we stack it high. There will be some bits and bobs left but those will go in the final trip in December. Next week we will set up housekeeping in our forever home. I am looking forward to it but I understand that we will still be looking in boxes for months to come.
    Lots of moving parts to arrange with the retirement. COBRA, Medicare, SSI, lots of forms and details But it will be all over by the end of the year.
    Normally, at this time of year I would be finishing plans for the Christmas decorations. Wife insists that nothing go up before Thanksgiving. This year we will only have time to put up an indoor tree at the new house with the move. We will have an attic full of Christmas decorations to use next year.

  4. And on a personal note, my ‘cold’ or whatever is developing a cough.

    Wife and I both have acquired the same affliction. She got it worse than I did. I am on the downhill side of getting over the affliction. Only difference between us is that I have had my flu shot (and some other shot they gave me) about six weeks ago. Maybe that helped.

    they don’t use leeches anymore

    Actually they do for some unique situations. Generally dealing with wounds in the appendages. Apparently leeches help get blood moving to the affected part. There are companies that sell medical grade leeches.

    Just finished replacing the transmission in my trash compactor for the second time. Both due to the same issue. The final drive portion, which is a chain from a small sprocket to a large sprocket driving a screw jack, has the small sprocket completely loose the teeth. It is impossible to replace just the sprocket.

    First time it happened I took the machine back to the place I purchased it from. They told me the device is no longer made and parts are not available. This after 10 years. Grrrrrr. Mine is a 12″ wide compactor, new ones are 15″. I looked at their parts system and the transmission for the 15″ looked identical to the 12″ so I told them to order the part and put it in. By golly it worked. Sort of. I had to take the machine back to them because the idiots did not align the chain drive system and the chain derailed. Grrrrr. Cost me $250.00 for the repair.

    This time I decided to do the repair myself. I ordered the transmission from Amazon and got it within a couple of days. Price was $50.00. The removal of the transmission was not easy. Especially removing the drive chain from the sprockets. Then there are a couple of hidden cap screws that actually fasten the transmission to the supports. The four remaining bolts mount the electric motor to the transmission. The cap screws fasten into nuts that are well hidden. Removal was easy. But getting the cap screws back into the those nuts requires removing some protection plates and a lot of blind feeling with the fingers.

    Took me a couple of hours to get it all done. Probably 1.5 hours was due to my inexperience, a couple of web searches, some carefully chosen words for the designers, and having to do some things a couple of times to get it right.

    I did get my Stream Deck installed and configured at the church. Created a few buttons to controls some functions in the video switcher. Specifically I needed the ability to have the person doing the lyrics and scripts to be able to switch the main projectors and three confidence monitors to the computer output rather than the program feed.

    This required the ability to switch the three AUX busses on the switcher to different sources. I have macros in the switcher to do that but that relies on the director doing that and they are sometimes busy with other tasks and thus were late getting the settings done.

    Using the Steam Deck the graphics person can now switch all three busses with a single push of a button, one to switch to the graphics system, one to switch back to the program feed. I may add a couple more buttons in the future.

    One thing I would like is the ability to change the color of a button when the switch has been made. Make it part of the macro that runs when the button is pushed to change the color of the pushed button along with other buttons. I am running the Companion software as the Stream Deck has no knowledge of the ATEM switcher, but Companion does. I may contact the developers of the Companion software and request the feature be added.

  5. I haven’t seen this elsewhere.

    Message for U.S. Citizens/Nationals Regarding
    the Measles Outbreak in Samoa and Entry to American Samoa from Samoa and Tonga

    November 20, 2019

    Retransmitting message sent from Embassy Apia

    The Independent State of Samoa (Samoa) declared a State of Emergency on November 15 in response to a measles outbreak. . The order states it is a mandatory legal requirement for members of the public who have not yet received the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) injection to obtain one. United States Citizens/Nationals residing in or visiting Samoa should regularly refer to the Samoan government Facebook page for the latest updates

    Separately, American Samoa declared a public health emergency on November 13 requiring all visitors entering American Samoa from the Independent State of Samoa or the Kingdom of Tonga must provide proof of MMR immunity as a condition of entry.

  6. @harold, I didn’t see that particular item, but I did see that they were making the shot mandatory, and immediate. Might have been on DailyMail, might have been linked from one of the other sites I read daily.

    meatspace. I’ve signed up and been accepted to a program at our school district. It looks a lot like a Citizens Police Academy program, only for how the school district works. Should be very interesting.

    The curriculum is

    Role of the School Board
    Overview of School Safety
    Texas School Finance
    SBISD Budget Process
    Vision and planning
    Opportunities to Engage
    SBISD Leadership Pipeline
    Legislative Issues
    Participant graduation and recognition
    Trip to Austin (optional)
    –Visit with SBISD Delegation

    One of their stated goals is growing the next generation of leaders for the district, ie. school board members and all the ancillary people in the district.

    I guess we’ll see how the sausage is made. At least from the butcher’s point of view.

  7. Ok, much as I like DailyMail for some coverage, there are times when it sucks so hard, black holes get jealous.

    The words don’t even make sense in the opening paragraphs. NO editing, and apparently written by someone with the education and brain power of a 12yo. Hmm, poor people, and people that live in the desert have water access issues. And homeless people don’t have showers or toilets. Somehow though, our world and society are rich enough to support at least the two grifters quoted in the article. I’m sure they have time and money for conferences…

    Oh, and don’t miss the last line, “And climate change is predicted to increase these numbers over the next few decades.”

    Because of course it will….


  8. And why is Nick sitting at his computer instead of doing all the stuff he claims to need to do?

    Oh, because he’s doing remote tech support for mom again.

    Two hours and I finally gave up. She’s mailing me the pc. When CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn’t do anything, you’ve got bigger issues.


  9. @Nick – I still get updates from the US Embassy in New Zealand from when we lived there. Because so many New Zealanders have family in Samoa and Fiji they send out updates about both countries.

  10. I will be doing IT Support for MIL once we get to Oklahoma. Not looking forward to that. She clicks on EVERYTHING. I have had to completely wipe her systems in the past because of rampant malware. I will give her a locked down Linux distro that I can manage remotely.
    We have finally convinced her (I hope) to move into town. She’s 84 and lives alone on remote 80 acres with animals. She has come to realize that she just can’t handle it any longer. So now we may have to help her find a new place and move. Always more to do …

  11. Whatever else may be true, this little nobody has balls as big as watermelons.

    “Empire Jussie strikes back! Actor sues the city of Chicago, the Nigerian brothers he ‘paid to attack him’ AND police chief for malicious prosecution which he says caused him ‘humiliation, mental anguish and extreme emotional distress’

    Smollett filed a counterclaim against the city of Chicago on Tuesday
    He says the $10,000 he paid to get his charges dropped means the city can’t come after him for more money
    In January, he claimed he was attacked by two ‘light skinned’ assailants in the street who called him racist and homophobic slurs
    Police later claimed he staged the attack with two men he knew, paying them to do it, in an attempt to boost his profile and salary
    Prosecutors outraged the mayor and the police chief by dropping the charges against him
    The city then sued for reimbursement of the money spent investigating the case
    Smollett has always maintained that he is innocent “


  12. Whatever else may be true, this little nobody has balls as big as watermelons.

    Kapernick’s are bigger.

    Even Peter King seems to have had enough. Scroll down.

    If he wants credibility, just shut up and play.

    King is a big Prog, but I respect the column. I’m not even a big football fan. Not many reporters do the job like that anymore.

  13. Separately, American Samoa declared a public health emergency on November 13 requiring all visitors entering American Samoa from the Independent State of Samoa or the Kingdom of Tonga must provide proof of MMR immunity as a condition of entry.

    Is this a requirement for entering at El Paso? San Ysidro? El Centro?

  14. My son and I drove down to Victoria, Texas yesterday and met my Dad at the movie theater. We saw the most excellent “Ford v Ferrari” at the Cinemark there. I knew about the technical materials problems (brake fade !) but I just did not realize how dangerous they were. Then we went over to Port Lavaca and took some very good White’s BBQ home to Mom. Good times, Good times !

    Highly recommended. Much testosterone. 92% / 98% at Rotten Tomatoes.

  15. From BH in yesterday’s Fort Bend Herald:

    “You should know that Santa has been reading your Facebook and Twitter posts all year. Mst of you are getting Bibles and dictionaries for Christmas.”

  16. “How to Spot SpaceX’s 60 New Starlink Satellites in the Night Sky”

    “SpaceX launched 60 new satellites into orbit today (Nov. 11). Weather permitting, you just might be able to see the spacecraft swarm soar overhead in your night sky tonight. Of course, you’ll need to know where to look.”

    “The new Starlink satellites are the second batch to join SpaceX’s growing broadband internet constellation in orbit. They follow the May launch of 60 other satellites that surprised observers with how bright they appeared in the night sky. The night after their launch, those first Starlink satellites appeared as a brilliant string of pearls in the night sky. ”

    Not everyone is happy about this, “STARRY EYED Elon Musk’s rogue fleet of internet satellites so big it’s ‘blocking view of stars’, astronomers moan”:

  17. From BH in yesterday’s Fort Bend Herald:

    “You should know that Santa has been reading your Facebook and Twitter posts all year. Mst of you are getting Bibles and dictionaries for Christmas.”

    I would have sworn that I fixed this.

    From BH in yesterday’s Fort Bend Herald:

    “You should know that Santa has been reading your Facebook and Twitter posts all year. Most of you are getting Bibles and dictionaries for Christmas.”

  18. Oh, joy. I got to interview a 27 year-old today who management wants to hire at a paygrade above mine.

    Fancy Lad College. Three years experience (!) at Fancy Lad Company.

    Something must be up at Fancy Lad Company because he was the second interview we’ve had from there in as many days.

  19. Rats and sinking ships….

    Rats and crashing automated cars.

    Fancy Lad Company runs one of three big projects in town about which I’m aware.

    Note I said *automated* not autonomous. Autonomous cares are a Lotus Eater dream which isn’t happening soon.

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