Mon. Sept. 30, 2019 – lots to do, lots to do

Mid 70s and wet? Sure, probably…. [ugg, 78F and saturated]

Remember when only a few places used the phrase ‘deep state’? Pretty common now, as it describes something most people recognized but perhaps couldn’t name.

Remember when some people first started talking about a second civil war? Now the President is tweeting comments about what might trigger one. The concept is becoming widespread, if most would still deny it’s likelihood.

Ever consider that some words can’t be unspoken, like ‘divorce’ in a marriage?

Think REALLY hard about what a civil war would look like here, with no clear battle lines, a 40 year history of insurgencies and unconventional warfare, and terrorism domestic and foreign being a mature concept. Think about the enemies of civilization that we’ve imported into our midst, and the hordes of people who would be perfectly happy to be just one step up from tarpaper shacks built from pallets and tarps. Plenty of people that would be willing to take advantage of any strife and ‘stir the pot’. Think about how fragile our Just In Time manufacturing and distribution system is.

Does anyone think it won’t get worse before it gets better?

What can you do to mitigate the effects of such a hateful and bile filled conflict on your own life and the lives of your loved ones? There isn’t enough countryside to hide in, although that will help…

Surely having some items put away, just in case, is a good idea?


I’ve got to get my truck through smog and registered today. I rented a drain machine and need to do the annual drain cleaning today. My Mom needs remote computer support. I’ve got a ton of ‘inventory’ stacked everywhere that I still haven’t moved. Winter is coming, and it would be nice to have a garden in. Projects are getting stacked up even more than usual, with a one day family trip to Boston coming, and all the Fall holidays starting to hit the calendar too. (Halloween, one of my favorites, is starting to be very prolonged because all the organizations we belong to have “Trunk or Treat” events before the actual day. Wife wants to squeeze a trip to Chicago or Michigan in there too, preferably when there is snow on the ground so the kids can have a bit of winter….

And on top of all that, we’re racing toward a civil F’ing war.

Jimminy Christmas, it’s gonna get intense.