Wed. Sept. 4, 2019 – Fla. dodged a bullet, mostly

slightly cooler, but just as humid…

More running around today, picking up and delivering auction items. Ham radio group lunch in the middle, and I sorta promised to bring a couple of things for guys in the group… I hope I can make time in the middle of the day.

The Bahamas got hammered, but Florida has mostly been spared to date. I won’t count all the chicks until Dorian hooks out and heads east across the Atlantic. The pictures from the Bahamas should give everyone who thinks they can “ride out” a cat5 storm pause. You better be pretty confident in your location, and construction and maintenance… and have a plan for the recovery.

Which brings up a good point. Most people have at least a vague plan for bugging out or in, but how many have a plan for the aftermath and recovery? Our government has conveniently provided a disaster ‘framework’ that describes the steps,

and the structure of what ‘recovery’ phase should look like.

I’m not suggesting that their doc is particularly useful, beyond knowing what they have planned for you, but the IDEA of a recovery phase is one worth considering.

We have at least a few contributors here who are still in various parts of the recovery phase from their disasters. If anyone wants to share their story, whether they had any ideas or plans for recovery, and how that worked or didn’t work, either make a long comment here, or email me a long form post, and I’ll promote it to it’s own page.

Something to think about…