Wed. Sept. 18, 2019 – busy day

Raining, most likely. Cooler though. [75F and another 0.56 inches after midnight]

Today is my first volunteer day of the year at the kids’ school. I’ll be leading the 4th grade “Hands On Science” enrichment classes. Then tomorrow, I’ll be volunteering as a helper to the 5th grade program. Neither of my kids is in 4th this year, so I’m practicing for next year 😉 and the year after that with 5th…

I edited the power point and added some slides explaining “science” and “scientists” and what they do. Toned down the Metric system cheerleading a bit too. After all, the number of countries that put a man on the moon and brought him home again, that use the metric system is still ZERO. The chinese found a puddle of goo and the indians discovered it’s harder than it looks, and neither was manned anyway…

Yeah I get it, we use metric in science. Mostly. 80-something percent of our kids use the metric system in their home countries and at home, so that makes it easier, I guess. Like soccer, demographics is destiny.

My ham radio lunch follows immediately after my volunteering, and is on the other side of town, so I hope it’s not to flooded.

Rained steadily til at least midnight, with the gauge showing 1.59 inches before I went to bed. One power blink, and the sound a transformer makes when it shorts, sort of a whooommmmff noise, and I was off to bed.

Hope the financial world holds it together a bit longer…



added- the flood control district sensors show more than 5 inches in the south east of town, Friendswood [some parts of Friendswood are showing 7,5 and 7.9 inches of rainfall in the last 24 hours] and Clearlake areas.  They are at the outflow end of our bayou system.  Currently the map is showing very little rain in the Northwest, the start of our bayou system.  The channel map is showing the waterways in SW are coming up and are in “warning” status.  At least they aren’t looking at the whole bayou system draining into them tonight, but only have to deal with mostly local rainfall. [Two of the monitored bayous are out of their banks this morning]