Wed. Sept. 25, 2019 – more to do, less time to do it

Hoping that the cooling trend continues. [72F and 99%RH]  Still got storms in the Atlantic that could get us though.

Working on intake and uptake today, getting some of the stuff I bought cataloged and put away. I’ll also be going by the rent house and looking at stoves/ovens to replace the aged one there, and some plumbing issue in the shower. I definitely didn’t have rent house maintenance on my radar for the week or month.

The drain line for the kitchen and laundry at the main house needs its annual rodding too. None of it takes long in isolation, but the total of time, including trips to store etc takes all dang day. And none of it was on my calendar.

Having a pickup full of sales items is holding all that other stuff up now.

It never ends.