Thur. Sept. 26, 2019 -daughter seems fine, so busy day

Mid 70s and saturated, probably a good guess. [71F and 99%RH at 6am]

Older child was shivery, headache-y, and had a slight fever at bed time.  I hope she’s feeling better this morning, but if not, I’m home all day.   I have stuff to do here, but I was finally getting some momentum going at the secondary location…  which is pretty much what always happens.

I did get to my rent house.  Fixed the plumbing problem, checked on the AC (cleaned the condenser coil, changed the air filter), and confirmed the opening in the cabinets for a new range.  Sears Outlet had a bunch of nice ranges for around $500.  The scratches or dents were mostly on the sides, where they’d be hidden by cabinets anyway.  I’ll see what is there today or Friday, depending on child care and buy something.  I really hate shopping for appliances.

The cooler temps have been great for doing outdoor work.   I’m still sweating gallons, but the breeze feels awesome.  It’s definitely Fall.

Missed my ham radio lunch yesterday, but I was getting stuff done and couldn’t take the time.  I’m not doing training with the PD tomorrow night either.  I need to cover the homefront tonight and tomorrow.  I hope I’m not missing something fun like hostage rescue.

I’m watching the current mania with the young girl screeching about how the world has stolen her childhood with global warmening coming to kill us all.  Occurs to me that even if true, it would be her ADULTHOOD that got stolen, as she is having no trouble living through her childhood.  I guess expecting it to make sense is a personality disorder on my part.

And how is it that the VP’s son getting a fat check for work he’s manifestly unqualified to do, isn’t a crime, but asking a government to investigate that is?  Oh right.  In both cases it’s because of who his daddy is.  I thought we weren’t supposed to have royal families here.

Anyone planning their fall garden?  Anyone who bought RBT’s seed bank?  I’d like to hear about it…

I’ll update after checking on the child.

[no fever, so child is headed to school, don’t know what was going on last night]