Mon. Sept. 16, 2019 – drone wars

No idea what the weather is like, probably  74F and 99%RH if trends continue [77F and 90%RH at 6am- not as cool as hoped].  With all the weather in the atlantic and stuff brewing in the Gulf, we could get anything.

So the Iranians used drones to attack the Saudis.  Huh.  Leaving aside for a minute WHY they would do that, did ANYONE here who pays attention see any hostile and aggressive moves coming?  Or is it that it’s Iran through the Yemenis, who the Saudis have been using as punching bags and a way to blood their troops for the last year or so?

I certainly wasn’t thinking in terms of an attack directly on the Saudis.  Where de flock did this come from?

The biggest take away from this for me, is that once someone proves you can do something (4 minute mile, school shooting, weaponized drones) then others jump in and do it again.

I can’t help thinking about the literal tons of fentanyl the chinese have been shipping into North America as their version of the Opium wars.  Let’s just assume for a minute that no DRUG dealer or cartel needs multiple hundreds of pounds of a substance that has an effective dose the size of a couple of grains of salt.  There aren’t enough junkies on the planet for the amount of that stuff the cops are interdicting, let alone what must be getting through.  So why handle it?  It’s like a nuclear bomb in that quantity.  It’s dangerous to handle.   Where’s it going to end up?

Welcome to the drone wars.  Stay away from crowds.