Tues. Sept. 24, 2019 – more stuff to do

Cooler and drier? One can always hope… [75f And 99%RH, so not much]

Yesterday it rained cats and dogs on the north side of town. Pretty good rain in parts of the south too. And it still got hot. My whole load got wet, and as the boxes melted, the load shifted, and I almost dumped it all on the freeway. I’ve learned the hard way to put LOTS of straps, from different directions, on any load. That saved me this time.

One thing I noticed at one of my pickups- there are a LOT of people running auctions, consignment shops, thrift/antique/junque shops. Lot of people like me making a living in between normal commerce and with castoffs. Sarah Hoyt says that can only happen in a very rich country. If the amount of “richness” were to change, a whole lot of people hustling like me might be out of business and struggling- and that would be bad. I really hope it’s not like the joke about the two antique store owners… they are the only two people on an island, and both have successful stores…

I am getting a ton of preps at huge discounts, and that counts for something, even if I’m not getting anything that sells.

“It’s a hard knock life, for me…”

Off to the salt mines.