Tues. Sept. 17, 2019 – the hour’s getting late

74F and 99%RH??  [77F and 50%RH]  Hopefully a bit cooler anyway. Yesterday was cool-ish but very humid, especially after the rain. I had to pause and catch my breath a couple of times.

I’ve got two auction pickups today, as well as a plan to drop off a pallet or more for my auction. A haircut would be nice too.

Most of my plans don’t involve rain, so I hope the NOAA forecast is wrong for my area.

The worldwide March to War ™ {brought to you by Snacky Smores} seems to be continuing apace. If they can’t stir up stuff in one part of the world, they try in another. More disruption, more famine, more disease, more destruction, more, more, more. Been a while since we had a big one, and it sure seems to be coming.

I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing- living. The futility of trying to ‘time’ the markets or disasters means I don’t do anything irrevocable as part of my preps, and try not to do anything irrevocable in my life. There are risks involved with that, but so far, I think they are less than the risks from, say, cashing out and moving off grid in the woods. Someone always gets caught holding the bag, I hope it’s not me. (and I make plans to keep it from being me.)

Anyway, time to make the breakfast, and lunches, and feed the dog and fish, and all the other life affirming things that start my day.

Keep stacking.