Sat. Sept. 21, 2019 – weather looks nice…

77F and 93%RH at 8am.  Not horrible, just ordinary.  There is a lot of saturated ground and standing water to be evaporated.  I hope we get some dry and windy days.

One of our neighbors finally asked for help.  I offered pumps (too late, wet but not standing) and fans.  I don’t have a dehumidifier.  Every auction they’ve gone for too much.    I also have a case of some sort of remediation biocide cleaner that I picked up cheap after the last flood, and a couple of cases of mold and mildew “armor” which is supposed to be hospital grade.  There are enough warnings on it to believe it’s the good stuff.

I did get some water intrusion at my secondary location.  I put out a fan and sprayed the mold armor.  I’ll check it again today.  Mainly the carpet near the door was soaked.

Lots to do and not enough time or motivation,