Thur. Sept. 5, 2019 – still tearing up the coast…

Cooler but still humid. [74F and 97%RH at 6am]

Spent yesterday picking stuff up, and dropping it off.  I expect to do the same today.  I’m sore, dehydrated, and mildly sunburned.  No sir, I don’t like it.

Dorian is still making trouble, and for people who didn’t really expect it.  Preps people, you never know when it will hook north…

Speaking of preps, I forgot to mention that Taco Tuesday consisted of canned chicken from Costco, with a 2015 date, a pouch of chicken taco mix (in date), and a variety of sides and fixins.  The “Mexican Rice” was 2014, and tasted great.  Cool and dry seems to be the key.

Tonight was leftovers and included chunks of my failed pork roast, served as an open face sandwich and smothered in “Pork” gravy from a mix.  I didn’t look at a date on the mix, but it wasn’t yesterday….  I stock a large variety of gravy mixes, and large quantity too.  They are cheap, versatile, and even if you wouldn’t normally eat gravy from an envelope mix, they add variety and options to otherwise plain meals.  Add gravy to instant mashed potatoes, rice, or pasta for a better/different side.  They keep well and are easy to prepare, and will extend your staple foods if needed.  The kids loved the gravy and pork (which was very dry otherwise) getting seconds and thirds.  Success.

Between the holiday and all the running around doing pickups and dropoffs, I’m not getting much else done.  The garden prep work needs to be started, and some other home maintenance needs doing too.  No rest for the wicked I guess.

And on that note, I’ll schedule this and head for bed.