Fri. Sept. 13, 2019 – Friday the 13th comes on a Friday this week

74F and 98%RH. It did get hot yesterday but not for as long, or as hot. Fall has definitely started.

I got to bed early but drinking a couple of quarts before bed meant getting up several times during the night. I don’t feel a bit rested. In fact, I feel worse than normal.

This week blew by. I didn’t get half my list done. There’s always something else to do… Today I’ve got auction pickups and an estate sale with lots of items relating to my non-prepping hobby. I could skip it, I guess, but I’m going anyway. Maybe the seller won’t have their normally sky high pricing and I’ll get some bargains. Or I’ll just waste a couple of hours driving and looking. The sale is near Lynn’s current residence…

As far as prepping goes, this week sucked. Very little other than food shopping got done. I sold a few small items on ebay, and bought a bunch of inventory. I’ve got to get that turned over and listed. It’s never gonna sell if it’s not listed.

The debate was last night and I care not one bit. It’s such a clown show I can’t believe anyone takes it seriously, and I’m a bit horrified that someone might. As they try to out Stalin each other, at least the masks are coming off. No one can say they don’t want your guns anymore… The extremism and radicalization are very disturbing. I don’t think this is going to end well.

No matter what happens, preps are a good idea. Broken record, I know, but I would hate to see friends suffer if it could be avoided.

WRT health issues, if you have anything nagging you, or anything doesn’t feel right, or if it’s been a while since you had a physical with bloodwork, take advantage of the fact that civilization is still up. Go- see the doctor. Better to know than wonder. You can always make a choice to continue on the way you were, but if there is an issue, you’ll have more choices early than late. Grid is up, use it.