Thur. Sept. 12, 2019 – nothing happened and that’s great

Cooler, and wet [73F and 99%RH]. Sporadic rain throughout Houston yesterday, but I never saw more than sprinkles. Everywhere I went was either just starting or just finished. Huge thunder and lightning a couple of blocks away, but sunny blue sky overhead is very disconcerting.

We got through another anniversary without a new attack, and for that I’m grateful.

My mood should improve now.

As predicted, Dorian is out of the news and so is the tragedy in the Bahamas [not entirely, yet.]   The Epstein story still has legs, but the french procurer has vanished into thin air. Foul play? Or a run for the hills? There was never any mention of concerned family…

I’m going in for some tests this am. Barium is involved and I’m told that ‘could make me want to throw up’. I guess that’s better than an enema? Shouldn’t be anything serious, just some unexplained things that need some ‘splaining. If none is forthcoming, then more tests. Thank [deity of your choice] the grid is still up, money still works, and doctors are still going in to the office. Getting old isn’t for the weak.

I don’t need any prayers yet, but others here do, if you are inclined that way.

More when I get back,