Sun. Sept. 8, 2019 – Dorian did some damage…

76F and 99%RH at 830am.  That’s pretty cool, and means we may have turned the corner into Fall.

Even a cat1 hurricane will wipe your community off the map if you’re not built for it.  Cat5?  Well, we live in an age of outrage over the tiniest slight, the 24/7 news cycle, and the amplifying power of social media.  Doesn’t mean that SCIENCE is nothing but exaggeration.  F4, richter scale, cat scale-all defined by stoic guys in lab coats long ago.

Talking with the kids and looking at the headlines from the Bahamas, (which we’ll see for one or two more days, then they’ll get a handle on the press), oldest asked where the preps would be to keep them safe if we lived there.  I told her we’d prep differently if we lived there because the threats are different.  We’d have evacuated.

Take a few minutes to REALLY think through what Abaco is like right now, and in two weeks.  Those people aren’t able to go anywhere.  There is NOTHING there for them.  Imagine a city with all the bridges destroyed, and no power or water.  Lots of cities in the US are essentially islands.

Add people in the surrounding area shooting any infected trying to leave as a plague takes the city.

[Insert clever segue]  to ebola– not an omnibus, but just a few quick headlines from

Why is that important


It’s still spreading.

9-Year-Old Tests Positive For Ebola in Uganda

“The health ministry has confirmed that the blood sample of a 9-year-old Congolese girl was drawn and sent to the Uganda Virus Research Institute for testing and confirmed positive for Ebola virus on August 29. In July following the completion of the recommended 42 days without any new Ebola case since the first Ebola cases in June, Uganda had been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation.”

–US airports are hiring ebola screeners.

–Africans are showing up in the border crossers from Mexico

and now I’ve got to make some waffles, because life needs to go on.