Fri. Sept. 6, 2019 – you are not alone…

Cooler, but humid.  [75F and 96%RH]  End of summer weather in Houston. Super hot by late afternoon though, hit 109F in my driveway yesterday.

Dorian continues to wreak havoc and destruction as it heads up the coast. The pictures out of the Bahamas are of devastation. 70K displaced people is a LOT for that area.


As it turns out, FEMA tracks preparedness in the general population, and it has been increasing.

This graphic summarizes the 2018 survey results compared to 2017.


“Estimates from the 2018 NHS suggest that an increasing percentage of the American public are actively preparing for disasters.

57% percent have taken three or more basic actions to prepare. That’s eleven percentage points higher than last year’s estimate.
94% percent have taken at least one action to prepare.
67% percent of adults have set aside some money for an emergency, although most have set aside less than $500.
When focusing on areas at higher risk of certain disasters, residents in areas at risk for hurricanes are most likely to have taken preparedness actions.”

You can read the story yourself at

Prepping is going mainstream. There may be hope yet.