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Sun. Aug. 25, 2019 – sleeping in

Hot and sticky, most likely.  It got hot yesterday, even though it started a bit cooler than normal.  Sunny too, eventually. I’m sleeping in.  I’ve had too many days in a row of early mornings.   I’ll wait for kids, back … Continue reading

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Sat. Aug. 24, 2019 – almost September

Hot, humid, wet, what’s not to love? Second and last day of my non-prepping hobby show/swapmeet/convention. I’m going in for a breakfast today, then some buying of stuff, then I’ll help with the loadout. Meatspace, I’m digging it more as … Continue reading

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Fri. Aug. 23, 2019 – finally Friday, or the weekend is just two more days to work

Hot and humid.  Yesterday I was inside most of the day, but what I saw seemed cooler.  Just as humid though. Did a bunch of lifting and carrying, and I am going to feel it today. This weeks preps were … Continue reading

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Thur. Aug. 22, 2019 – away from desk

Hot and humid. Seriously. Hot. Yesterday was a tiny bit cooler for longer but the heat caught up. I did get some stuff done yesterday, just not all I wanted to. I rotated 20 gallons of stored gas this week. … Continue reading

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Wed. Aug. 21, 2019 – more busy, more work

Hot and humid again.  Yesterday had scattered thunderstorms and localized heavy rain.  The north side of town got a bunch and the rivers/creeks/bayous were all high on their banks. I did pickups and some work cleaning up stuff in storage.  … Continue reading

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Tues. Aug. 20, 2019 – some small preps

Hot and humid, I’m sure. Yesterday had T-storms scattered around town. Nothing at home or where I was, but I could see them. Hot as blazes too. I spent part of the day doing auction pickups. I scored some good … Continue reading

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Mon. Aug. 19, 2019 – no news is good news

Probably just as warm and wet as usual. I’m writing this last night, so I can be sure and get everyone out the door with a good breakfast this morning. It’s been tight doing it the way I did it … Continue reading

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Sun. Aug. 18, 2019 – saw my shadow

81F and humid this morning. Back and bladder woke me up. Dreams were unpleasant so I got out of bed much earlier than needed today. News is all the same as yesterday. I’m going back to bed. n

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Sat. Aug. 17, 2019 – half way through August…

81F and 98%RH at 8am. HOT humid and wet in various places and degrees yesterday. Because the rain was from T-storm cells, it was pretty localized. There were a lot of cells, and they were spread across most of Houston, … Continue reading

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Fri. Aug. 16, 2019 – another week gone

78F and saturated. All my windows are covered in condensation. That’s never a good sign. This week blazed by. I got very little done on any front other than starting school. A few more things were added to the grocery … Continue reading

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