Sat. Aug. 31, 2019 – ‘It’s coming right for us…’

Mid-70s and humid, I’m guessing. Because I’m still in bed. Sleeping. [78F and 93%RH at 8:30am]

Time to get serious about preps if you are in Fla.

Better to be prepared, and just tweak it a bit when we go from “Eh, not very bad” to “OMG, OMFG, it’s coming right for us and we’re all gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeee…..”.

I expect everyone here is pretty well prepped, but if you came in today from the googles, the info you are looking for is under the keywords on the right. There is a depth and breadth of prepping knowledge captured here, and much of it is in the comments, so don’t skip reading those on the appropriate days.

Hopefully, it will turn out to sea, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Anyone with specific help or lessons learned should chime in in the comments below.


Fri. Aug. 29, 2019 – finally Friday

Cooler, but still humid (is my prescient guess, call me swami). [76F and 99%RH]

Headed into the long weekend and we’ve got a hurricane messing around down here.  I hope all of our correspondents in Fla. and the Gulf Coast are paying attention and making last minute adjustments to their preps.

I’m going to rotate another 15 gallons of stored gas tomorrow.  I may find another tank or two of propane to refill too.  I REALLY don’t want to take down antennas or secure the stuff in my driveway, so I’m hoping Dorian stays on the East Coast and doesn’t cross into the Gulf.

In other prepping, the last of my cucumber plants died.  Turned black, then shriveled up.  Peppers are still producing.  Single apple and orange are still there.  Meyer Lemon is still loaded up with green lemons maturing nicely.  It’s almost time to get the fall garden in according to the Ag Extension.  Maybe I’ll have better luck this fall.

I have to get the chainsaw repairs finished.  I’ve still only got the electric that runs, but I have parts and should be able to get at least one of the gas saws running.   I should probably get the gas gennie cleaned up and running too, as the whole house gennie is still sitting there, unconnected.  In fairness to me, the utility hasn’t replaced my service drop yet.  Their guy told me he’d log the request, but I haven’t seen or heard anything from them.  I really want their work done before connecting the gennie.  It’s more excuses, that’s for sure, but will avoid any complication if they don’t like the location of the gennie.

I took several buckets of bulk food to my secondary location.  I’ll rotate several back here and spot check to see if they’re still good.  Most of it was put up in 2014 or ’15 with no particular preservation.  It has been relatively cool there though.  I expect spoilage and am resigned to it due to my less that awesome available spaces.

I need to check my stored fuel at the secondary too, and I should probably fill some of the 5 gallon water jugs…

I have inflatable mattresses that need to find their way to secondary too.  It’s always something, which is why you shouldn’t wait for the last minute…

Time to wake the family and start breakfast.

Let me know what you did this week,


Thur. Aug. 29, 2019 – driving today

Cooler and humid? Dunno. Writing this the night before. [72F, 99%RH at 6am]

I’m doing a pickup in Austin, on the north side, with TxDOT today. I’ve got to be home to pickup the kids later so I’m on a mission today. I may not even stop at the Surplus Store, or the Goodwill outlet…

I will be stopping at the Praesk’s Smokehouse on the way there and at Hruska’s on the way back. They are conveniently located for me coming from I-10 and the south. Given that traffic and construction are a mess on the south side, maybe I should look at coming in on 290 from the north? We’ll see I guess. But I’ll probably just come up 71 to MoPac.

The rain yesterday afternoon was 1.92 inches by my gauge and lowered temps significantly. I guess Fall is coming.

The world continues on its march to war. Iran and Israel are flirting with disaster. Brexit is coming up, the Italians are still messing up their banking, China is still playing brinksmanship games with the US, and NOK is back to messing around with missiles. Jeez people, give it a rest will you?

Well, talk amongst yourselves for a bit. I’ll check in when I can.


Wed. Aug. 28, 2019 – so there’s a storm coming your way….

77F and humid at 6am, but I’ve spent too much time reading the news. Gotta get the kids up and ready, so more later….


Now it’s later!

Here comes the storm, now what?

If you’ve been listening and doing, then all you have to do is recheck your preps, and do the little last minute things.  Top up your fresh veg- you can be sure THAT won’t be stripped from the store.  BAKE a loaf of bread.  Maybe pick up some dairy if your normal shopping hasn’t happened yet.

Remember that water is still coming out of your tap!  No need to buy bottled water if there are crowds.  Worst case, buy buckets and fill them.  Locate your water filter, bleach, and maybe your Bob water bladder.  Do laundry and wash dishes.  Wash the bathtubs thoroughly and get your duct tape ready so you can fill the tub before the storm hits.  Don’t forget a bucket for moving water from the tub to the toilet.

Charge up battery powered devices, and charge up all your power packs and rechargeable batteries.  By now you should have some sort of lithium battery for your phone and tablet.  The $80 jump pack from  Costco has a USB port and works well according to my wife.  If you don’t know where it is, locate your AC inverter and put it near your car for charging bigger things.  Test flashlights and battery lanterns.

If you haven’t already, fill your extra gas cans, fuel your generator and test start the gennie.

Look to your property.  Get ready to secure loose articles.  If the predictions warrant, get ready to do your board up.

At this point, you haven’t done anything irrevocable, haven’t spent money you don’t have, and have basically just ‘freshened up.’  Time to watch the storm approach and make any adjustments to your plan.


If you HAVEN’T been prepping, you’ve got a lot more to do.

Start with the basics, food water shelter.

Food- hit the canned and boxed meal aisles of your store.  Grab veg and beans, chili, and chicken or stew.  Get some pouches of pasta with sauce.  Get enough for a couple of weeks , at least ONE week.  Since the ‘french toast people’ have probably stripped the bread, eggs, and milk, grab a big bag of tortillas.   Grab some rice, instant or one minute rice is preferable in this case as it takes less to cook.  Grab some oatmeal and sugar or syrup, again quick cooking is better.  Grab some treats for the kids.

Water.   If your store has bottled, get some.  If not, then hit up Home Depot for buckets and lids.  You can fill them at home for drinking water.  Remember, water is still coming out of your faucets.  You may prefer bottled water for drinking, but your municipal water won’t hurt you (unless you’re in Flint, and then you’re on your own.)  You don’t NEED food safe buckets for this short time, but they are better for long term use.  Worst case, buy 2 liter bottles of the store brand generic soda, pour it out, and use the bottles for water.  You might want some koolaid or tea to flavor your water.

Shelter- your home should be fine unless the storm is huge.  If you live in a shack, or in an area prone to flooding, think hard about going to a shelter.  If you are going, better early than late.  Pick up anything that the wind can turn into a missile.  Secure all loose items.  Seriously, put them away.  Charge up all your things that need charging.  Wash everything that needs washing.  Tidy up.  Fill bathtub with water for washing, cover the drain with duct tape first.  Make sure you have some way to make light, battery powered is preferred to fire.  Have at least a battery powered radio to listen for news and updates.

That’s about all you will be able to do in a couple of days, but it should be more than enough and it’s certainly more than 80% of your neighbors will be doing.


Chime in in comments if I missed anything appropriate for short term preps, or if you have questions.



Tues. Aug. 27, 2019 – complain, complain, complain…

Maybe cooler in the morning, but probably hot enough by noon. I’m guessing anyway. It certainly got hot yesterday. [79F and 98%RH at 7am]

I did my auction pickup, and came home and cut the grass. That soaked me to the skin, despite my active cool vest. Took some time off to cool down. I like the chilled vest. When it’s heated up though, it’s done. Recharge time is supposed to be under 10 minutes in the freezer, but I usually just call it quits at that point. My passive vest fails more gracefully by simply drying out. Easy to tell if it’s got anything left or not. Easy to recharge. It doesn’t work well under a shirt though.

I managed to tweak something in my back loading up the truck, so I wasn’t really interested in UN-loading my truck anyway.

Then kids, dinner, wife, and youtube ate the rest of the night… there is never quite enough time.

So I should get busy doing today’s chores.


Mon. Aug. 26, 2019 – one week in August left

78F and 99%RH. Yuck. Scattered showers yesterday cooled it off a couple of times. Unfortunately those times are followed with hot and VERY humid as all the local moisture heats up. I know, what do I expect in Houston?

One of the tasks that the rain interrupted yesterday was lawn care. I was raking up pecans before cutting the grass. I got over two bushels of spoiled and green pecans. The squirrels try to eat them too soon and spoil the whole crop. Little rats are gonna get theirs when the fall comes and they are the meat on the table…

On another subject, I’m no economist, or financial guru, and I’ve been wrong on my timing for a while, but holy cow the markets are messed up right now. “Frothy” doesn’t even come close. Please consider realizing any gains you have and sitting out for a bit. It’s gambling right now, pure and simple. (standard disclaimer applies.)

Plan for the day is Dr visit. My doc of the last decade is going concierge and unless I win the lottery, I’m losing access to him. This is a huge bummer and I blame our last pretender in chief and the wretches in congress with the devil.

Then some errands, pickup, lawn work, and ebay stuff. Busy day ahead, like usual.

And here we go……..


Sun. Aug. 25, 2019 – sleeping in

Hot and sticky, most likely.  It got hot yesterday, even though it started a bit cooler than normal.  Sunny too, eventually.

I’m sleeping in.  I’ve had too many days in a row of early mornings.   I’ll wait for kids, back or bladder to get me up.

In the mean time, surely someone had done some actual prepping?  (besides Paul?)


Sat. Aug. 24, 2019 – almost September

Hot, humid, wet, what’s not to love?

Second and last day of my non-prepping hobby show/swapmeet/convention. I’m going in for a breakfast today, then some buying of stuff, then I’ll help with the loadout. Meatspace, I’m digging it more as I get out more. Yeah I know, “ordinary fuking people, I hate ’em”.* That’s why we’re all internet curmudgeons. Still, take a class, join a club, attend a civic or community meeting. The people around you will either be help or a threat come SHTF. Better to know them and be known (in a limited way) to them before hand. Think anyone’s gonna take your advice if they don’t know you from Adam? Think they might if you volunteer at their kid’s school, and they can count on you to show up?

Come the collapse or slow decline, when things get tough do you really want to be that loner weirdo that no one knows? I’m coming around to the idea that that would be unhelpful.

So, get out there and develop some human capital.


Fri. Aug. 23, 2019 – finally Friday, or the weekend is just two more days to work

Hot and humid.  Yesterday I was inside most of the day, but what I saw seemed cooler.  Just as humid though.

Did a bunch of lifting and carrying, and I am going to feel it today.

This weeks preps were mostly buying things.  If I were you, I’d be looking at guns (carry and long), ammo, and armor.

Time to rotate your stored fuel.

Time to look at all your liquid fuel small engines.  Get them running.

I’ll be busy today, and tomorrow still so I hope the world holds together for a bit longer.  It’s certainly still going crazy- Baltimore is no longer prosecuting dope crimes.  Anyone want to guess what they’ll get more of?  Or what will happen to the police force?

We’re gonna be on our own.



Thur. Aug. 22, 2019 – away from desk

Hot and humid. Seriously. Hot. Yesterday was a tiny bit cooler for longer but the heat caught up.

I did get some stuff done yesterday, just not all I wanted to. I rotated 20 gallons of stored gas this week. Refilled the jugs but haven’t added stabilizer yet. Gas is about $2.20/ gal at the moment, so I don’t mind rotating stock.

I also got some good stuff in an estate auction last night. Buying online is all well and good, but the paranoid think that there is merit in having stuff that doesn’t come with a database and surveillance state attached to it. Since we know .gov went to grocery stores and pulled loyalty card purchases for “arab” food after 911, even the beans in beans, bullets, and bandaids can be cause for concern. The other two ‘B’s might trip you up too. I can certainly think of other items that might trigger a closer look under some circumstances. And hey, they may be expired but they were cheap!

I am helping set up for my non-prepping hobby’s regional event today and attending on Friday and possibly Saturday. I’ll probably help tear down too. Community. Getting out of the house. Meatspace!

That means I’ll be away from my desk… so you guys behave!