Wed. April 4, 2018 – look! shiny thing! Shiny thing!!

Big window rattling storm blew thru last night. Not as much rain as I expected. It did cool things off and drop the humidity. 54F and 66%RH this morning. Mostly clear too.

Trade war with China (well, maybe we’re reversing our ‘retrograde maneuver’, deploy the ‘military’ (whatever that means) on the border, bring the troops home (again, we’re in about 100 countries at the moment, we probably don’t even have ROOM to bring them all home), and someone shot up youtube headquarters.


Collapse our stock market in a pointless dick measuring contest with china, illegally deny entry of 1500 desperately needed farm and construction workers while violating posse comitatus and civil rights protections, while abandoning our allies in Syria and moving thousands of jackbooted thugs and their war machines back to the US to oppress the people, and something happened at youtube, but it’s not important, nothing to see here. Move along.

Y’all can guess which one matches my reality.

Stack it high folks. Some of the leviathans are moving in for the kill, the world is shifting under our feet.

And in other news, OFD has made definite progress. Long row to hoe ahead still, but definite progress. See the update on the project page if you haven’t yet.