Tues. April 17, 2018 – stuff to do

Another cool day, currently 62F and damp.

I’ve got groceries, rent house work, , rec association, housework, OFD lappy, and client care all on my list today. Swim team too.

I better get at it. An hope that the FMOD* doesn’t hit– I’m not ready!


*Flaming Meteor Of Death – one zipped by and we barely saw it before it did. And it was close.

And how can I leave these off???

Hundreds are evacuated from Hawaii after two feet of rain falls in just 24 hours triggering landslides and flooding




Teenager who coerced a 12-year-old boy into failed suicide bombing at German Christmas market and wanted his wife, 17, to blow up a US air base, is jailed for nine years

Austrian man, 19, guilty of involvement in two failed terror attack plots
Coerced boy, 12, to blow himself up at Christmas market near Frankfurt in 2016
The German-Iraqi boy attempted suicide bombing, but the belt failed
The 19-year-old had also planned for his 17-year-old wife to blow up airbase


[the teen/man/etc is never named in the article, and is “Austrian” only by the farthest stretch of the imagination. Also note, 17yo wife! and 12yo friends]

Man, 60, is arrested with huge cache of over SEVENTY illegal guns and 50,000 rounds of ammunition hoarded in the Queens home he shares with his 94-year-old mother

Ronald G. Drabman, 60, was arrested on Sunday in a raid in Queens, New York
Cops received a tip that he had illegal weapons and recovered arsenal of guns
Seized weapons included AK-47s, a Tommy Gun and a homemade zip gun


[this is the second “arsenal” they got this week. The first was a disturbed loser with a 16 year long grudge against school staffers.]

REVEALED: California trains are now late 15% of the time because of homeless camps on the side of the tracks

Trains have been forced to make more emergency stops this year as more people have been trespassing on the tracks


[so the economy is booming?? Hmmm.]