Thur. April 19, 2018 – did WWIII already start?

65F with 43%RH fluffy clouds this AM. Very pleasant, but is unlikely to stay that way….

So, did WWWIII already start? That’s what my 8yo asked me at breakfast today. Says one of her classmates said it started with some bombs.

Is she right? Some headlines:

” Largest Chinese Naval Drill “In 600 Years” Begins: Live-Fire Exercise In Taiwan Strait

State-run Chinese papers said the number of warships assembled “the largest of its kind in 600 years.”

“The Road To 2025 (Part 1) – Prepare For A Multi-Polar World”

“US Sub That Attacked Syria “Not Welcome” Back To Italy”

“‘There has been nobody tougher on Russia!’ President boasts of killing ‘many’ of Putin’s troops in Syria and says he WILL impose sanctions when they deserve it”

I know, it’s all ‘doom porn’ but SRSLY, if we were looking back from next year, would anyone be surprised?


added- ugg, I never hit “publish” and was poking around on the stats page instead of checking that it did publish, as I normally do….