Tues. April 10, 2018 – doom, doom, more doom

51F and 96%RH cool and clear.

Well, the world certainly seems to want war. If I were reading a history book about the start of the Third World War, I don’t know what would be different than what we’re seeing in the news.

Convoluted proxy war in the middle East getting hotter every day. One mistake or provocation too many and you’ve got another Tonkin Gulf.

Economic war between superpowers, one of whom has been doing their level best to degrade their military forces, and one who has been relentlessly building theirs, seems to be heating up and possibly going physical….

A resurgence of nationalism world wide, coupled with the (perhaps just a bit premature) rising of the covertly inserted shock troops of islam, giving people distraction and focus at home, while the leviathans move in the deep.

Couple that all with a economic shenanigans that have been falling apart for half a decade, and all we’re waiting for is the spark.

Think about how YOU’D write the beginnings of WW3 for history, and see if you’d discount any of those things. I’m sure I missed something. The actual trigger will come from somewhere no one is looking….

So, what would that mean for us here in our island fortress? Well, if the flow of cheap consumer crap was cut off, and the flow of cheap imported food was cut off, and the flow of cheap building and industrial materials was cut off, and the flow of rare earth minerals was disrupted, and the flow of integrated circuits, ram, and other chips was cut off what sort of climate would we see domestically? Politically? Add in the islam insurgency and the BLM/antifa/commie left insurgency. Add in the right reaction to the sort of fascist .gov controls that always get imposed during a war…

Think about those things this fine day. What would it mean for you personally?

Got preps?