Sat. April 7, 2018 – not much, you?

The word press template for a quick entry asks “What’s on your mind?”

Before coffee, and just after rising, the answer is “Not much.”

It’s 66F and light misty drizzle. I don’t think I’ll be doing yardwork, although, it might be nice and cool…..

A quick scan of headlines shows more of the same.

More of the march to war.
More march to bankruptcy.
(related as a war would allow ‘resetting’ the world of money like nothing else)
More perversion and depravity.
More lefty nonsense.
More anti-Constitutional nonsense.
More ordinary folks waking up… but is it too late?

Today, I think we’re headed for war, on a world wide scale. Money is the driver, particularly China and the USA, and our lack of it… this is one of those times OFD would have something relevant and it’s driving me nuts that Dave’s not here.