Wed. April 25, 2018 – another beautiful day

62F and damp with blue skies and a gentle breeze… gonna be a nice day.

Houstonians learn to embrace days like this as the only really NICE days of the year. I hope we have another long spring, I’ve got lots to do.

I had to file a claim with UPS for a lost package last week. First time for that. USPS has lost Priority Mail, but when they lose it, it’s because it never makes it into the system. UPS showed the package got to the local depot, but never made it out of there.

The process was pretty painless, and I got a call from a human to correct an error in the paperwork (which was pre-filled online.) Check came yesterday. Luckily I had additional units of this item and could send another to the customer. That is one risk if buying from an ebay seller. The item may be a one off and if lost or damaged, the seller might not have another.


added- yesterday’s visits spiked to 3x normal at ~6500