Fri. April 6, 2018 – another one gone….

Week that is. I really can’t believe how fast they are going by.

70F and light misty drizzle. We are on the edge of a big system according to NOAA so whether we get weather depends on where the edge is exactly. I’m not gonna strain myself trying to figure it out. If it rains, it rains.

Prepping this week included continuing work on my second income stream for retirement (rent house.) I pretty much have to do the work myself at this point, having waited so long that if I pay a contractor, I’ll be net zero for the year. Lack of motivation and lots of other stuff to do got the best of me.

Other preps- picked up a grundig Yacht Boy shortwave radio for $6. Estate sales have been few, and yard sale season is just getting started. My sales have been slow on ebay, and the surplus auctions have been slow and with fewer good items for me. Competition for items has increased too. I’ve got ‘inventory’ I need to list and sell stacked up everywhere, so I really don’t need to buy.

Garden is growing. Blueberries are coming in. Grapevines are green and growing, maybe I’ll get grapes this year. I guess I missed the lime trees when they were in the store… stuff is only in stock for a few days. Stores seem reluctant to stock much or keep it in the store for long. Hmm. Another sign of the real economy?

My thrift stores seem to be running down their inventory too. Could be hangover from Harvey, with everyone just throwing out stuff, could be fewer people are willing to donate. It would be interesting to hear from the rest of the country if thrifts are low on stock…

Found my first flashlight destroyed by leaking kirkland batteries. One of the costco $5 specials that I keep in the console of the truck leaked, and completely destroyed the 3-battery holder. Without the holder the flashlight is parts. It gets high heat and no use, but it’s still disappointing. Time to go thru all the stored and deployed battery stuff and check and update….

Ordered and received 3 tourniquets. Prepped and put them with my first aid kits. Better to have a real TQ, than to improvise one from a bungie cord (although, hooray for the guy who did.) I wonder how many fire extinguishers have been needed at yahoo hq vs. traumatic bleeding control in the last month… I know, the preceding months, and the following months will be different than this month, but– doesn’t it make sense to have some bleeding control handy?

March 31 was StopTheBleed day. If you didn’t follow the links I posted previously, do a quick search and learn something. You could be sitting at Carls Jr and suddenly need the skills.

What have y’all done this week?