Sun. April 22, 2018 – big storm… but done

60F and damp, which makes sense, since we got almost 3 inches of rain last night, mostly in one hour.

Haven’t had a chance to walk the neighborhood, but I expect the normal debris in yards.

We had a busy day planned, but most of it involved the pool, and dumping 3 inches of rain into it messes up the chemistry. I guess we’ll see.

Yesterday’s HOA sponsored SpringFest was a hit. Good food from local sellers, petting zoo, bouncy houses, and a banjo band. The band had about 750 years of life between the 10 members! And they sounded pretty good.

Life in modern America- pizza, taco truck, bouncy houses, and fruit flavored frozen ices (cantaloupe, rice, and hot sauce (which is a fruit like tamarind but spicier)) . The overcast and stiff wind kept the heat down, the occasional sprinkles cooled it as well.

I better get some breakfast on the table or there might be blood shed 🙂