Thur. April 5, 2018 – some progress

55F and 77%RH here this am, mostly clear. So, cool and damp.

Made some progress last night on the OFD project. I got the eye tracker actually tracking! Took a series of reboots, updates, cable swaps, card insertions and basically a lot of voodoo. The process is absolutely opaque. The error messages are less than useless. “Hmm, we had a problem, you should contact us.” is a typical one.

I did eventually get it to go thru it’s demo, and use it for a few minutes with Optikey. Lots of jitter, so I watched some instructional videos. After that, the eyetracker went into an endless loop “updating firmware.”

More work to do obviously. From the youtube demos, it’s a slick, working, proven solution. Just have to get it working with this lappy and card. I may try it on my desktop to make sure where the issue is later tonight.

I will be out and about most of the day, so talk amongst yourselves…..