Fri. April 13, 2018 – Friday the 13th is on a Friday this month

75F and damp this am. NOAA said we would get Tstorms, now, not so much. Some rain. We’ll see.

The title is a long running joke, shared by RBT and Jerry Pournelle and others. Pay attention and stay safe today.

The march to war continues. The financial shenanigans continue.

This week I moved one of my raised beds to accomodate the pad for the whole house gennie. That meant moving another bed 4 ft to the right. I’m about half done with that. The beds were thoroughly infested with feathery roots. It points up the necessity of turning over your soil every year.

The brusselsprouts have been eaten down to the stalk. Zukes are doing ok so far. One of the transplant blueberry bushes didn’t thrive, so back to Lowes for the guarantee. The others have all set fruit. The grape vines set fruit this year, hooray. They are table varieties so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with them. Radishes and beets have sprouted and are doing well. Cilantro never got bigger than an inch or two. Basil looks good, and the other herbs are doing well. I think I’m done trying for strawberries. They’ve never done well for me. The trees are doing well. Start planning, and start growing! get something in, even if it’s just herbs in pots.

The HOA approved my driveway gate design. I’m counting that as a prep since it gives privacy and limits access.

In meatspace I met our local Deputy Constable in charge of our subdivision, and our new Houston Police Department watch captain. Got a card and email from each. The HPD PIP (Positive Interaction Program) is a community outreach program that meets once a month with the local citizenry. Next month their Active Shooter Response Trainer will be presenting. I’m going if I can. Look for similar programs in your area. PIP, CPA, COP, and others.

Radio reception continues to amaze me. What a difference 10 extra feet of height and quality cable makes. Again proving that you have to actually try this stuff and work at it.

I haven’t added to my food stocks or replaced what got eaten as I’m still fighting with the rats. Moral of the story, at first sign, react aggressively and effectively. DON’T let them get established. Glue traps are not sustainable long term, nor is poison. Look into vermin control BEFORE you need it.

Sales have been slow, and so have my source auctions. I think there is a slowdown going on, with people holding on to their stuff longer, and getting rid of less. Thrift stores locally are way understocked too.

And that’s it, what did you do to prep this week?